Floor decals, signage, protective barriers — 2/90 Sign Systems can help you make layout changes quickly and keep workers safe

by Brianna Crandall — July 1, 2020 — 2/90 Sign Systems, a 40-year provider of solution-based architectural signage systems, announced new workstation nameplates, window signs, floor decals and protective barriers in recent weeks, all of which can help designers and facilities managers (FMs) make workplace layout adjustments and increase compliance with social distancing requirements.

PlusOne Workstation Nameplates

2/90 created PlusOne Workstation Nameplates to enable office furniture dealers to provide a nameplate with every workstation sold, with no specification required since 2/90 has already selected the most popular options. The product can help with office reconfigurations since nameplates are printed on-site.

2/90 PlusOne Workstation Nameplates

PlusOne Workstation Nameplates print on-site to identify workstations. Image courtesy 2/90

PlusOne Workstation Nameplates are said to be economical, easy, and fast. The 2’x8.5” silver aluminum nameplate with protective acrylic lens comes blank with perforated white paper inserts for the customer to print their own names using an online template. Panel mount variations include tape, magnet, hook & loop, pin, magnetic side-saddle, and three saddle mount sizes.

Net pricing includes shipping and handling, and orders under 200 ship in less than a week.

Messages Window Signs

The wayfinding solutions that 2/90 Sign Systems has been providing for over 40 years are designed to respond quickly and clearly when change happens. In addition to changeable signage, 2/90 has introduced a new line of social distancing products to “help America get back to work,” including window signs to hold temporary paper messages.

290 Messages Window Signs

Messages Window Signs provide communication where it matters most. Image courtesy 2/90


Messages Window Signs provide communication where it matters most. Image courtesy 2/90Messages Window Signs provide communication where it matters most, says the company; the right message in the right location at the right time can make all the difference to ensure everyone has the information they need. Signs ship with complementary paper messages or recipients can print their own.

Messages Window Signs are available in our three standard sign systems: Arc, Slide and Klik. Messages is available in freestanding and adhesive wall mounts. Windows hold standard 8.5”x11 and 11”x17” paper. Signs are black with satin natural aluminum where applicable. No specifying is needed; 2/90 selected the most popular finishes and options. Signs are inventoried for a speedy delivery in as little as one week.

Step On It Floor Decals

2/90’s new line of social distancing products to help employees and visitors reenter the workplace safely also includes adhesive floor decals.

2/90 Step On It Floor Decals

Step On It Floor Decals promote healthy social distancing on carpets, hard floors, and outdoors. Image courtesy 2/90

FMs can promote healthy social distancing with strategically placed floor decals available in a variety of sizes and shapes for carpet, hard floors, and outdoor applications. Step On It Floor Decals can help everyone navigate safely through your interior and exterior space.

Floor decal graphics include an arrow to direct traffic flow, 6’ distancing reminders, and large-format messaging. Floor decals are installed easily with peal and stick adhesive and are durable up to six months, says the company.

Gesundheit Protective Barriers

2/90 Sign Systems’s new line of social distancing products also includes acrylic protective barriers.

2/90 Gesundheit Protective Barriers

Gesundheit Protective Barriers help stop the spread of airborne germs, with freestanding and panel-mount versions. Image courtesy 2/90

In Germany, it is polite to say “Gesundheit” after someone sneezes, which means “health.” 2/90 introduced Gesundheit Protective Barriers to help stop the spread of germs and promote good health.

Gesundheit Protective Barriers are constructed of clear ¼” acrylic. Three standard options include a small and large freestanding tabletop version with pass-through, and a panel-mount version that attaches with screws. Other shapes and sizes are available.

NeoCon 360 Virtual Tour 2020

Since there is no in-person celebration of NeoCon in Chicago this year, 2/90 is sharing 360-degree photography of its 2019 NeoCon booth in order to connect virtually. Although virtual reality (VR) glasses will make the experience more dimensional, visitors can still navigate on a desktop with the arrows at the bottom or by selecting any white, solid hotspot to move to different point of views.

2/90 Sign Systems offers turnkey solutions for healthcare, corporate, educational, hospitality and federal government facilities by providing interior, digital and exterior signage along with wayfinding, installation and maintenance services. 2/90 is also available through GSA Schedule (GS- 07F-0265N). 2/90 Sign Systems is an ESOP (employee-owned) company.

Also see the company’s virtual showroom and COVID-19 Response webpage.