Abloy UK will protect UK Power Networks critical infrastructure with digitally managed locking systems

by Brianna Crandall — January 28, 2022 — Abloy UK, part of the global ASSA ABLOY Group, has been awarded a five-year contract with UK Power Networks valued at £2.5 million to upgrade the current mechanical locking systems to a combined electromechanical and mechanical locking solution, for its high- and low-voltage distribution networks.

UK Power Networks owns and maintains the electricity distribution network across South East England, the East of England and London.

Abloy CIPE Manager

PROTEC2 CLIQ electromechanical and PROTEC2 mechanical padlocks and cylinders will be controlled using the new CIPE Manager operating system. Image courtesy Abloy UK

Products specified include a mix of Abloy PROTEC2 CLIQ electromechanical and PROTEC2 mechanical padlocks and cylinders, which will be controlled and administered using the new CIPE Manager operating system.

It is estimated that Abloy will supply around 9,500 padlocks per annum, together with programmable PROTEC2 CLIQ Bluetooth Low Energy keys, enabling UK Power Network’s system to be expanded conveniently in the future.

CLIQ offers high security and flexibility that supports the complex workflow of organizations in the energy sector by enabling audit trails to be generated for individual cylinders, padlocks, keys and system users.

If a key is lost or stolen, this no longer creates a major security risk, because each individual key can be deactivated if required and have access rights changed or removed using the CLIQ web manager software, providing a truly dynamic secure system.

The battery-powered CLIQ keys are programmable, so a temporary contractor can be issued with a key that permits entry to specific sites for a limited time period. After the authorization period ends, the key cannot open the lock.

For further information on PROTEC2 CLIQ, CIPE Manager, energy security for power stations, or other products and services available from Abloy, visit the company’s website.