Comprehensive FM training and credentialing program gets a major partner in AFE

by Brianna Crandall — October 2, 2020 — To ensure that its members and the facilities management (FM) profession at large are prepared for the current FM spotlight and are keeping pace with the growing demands on the industry, the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) recently announced its partnership with the Professional Facility Management Institute (ProFMI) to offer FM training and credentials through the ProFM Credential Program.

The ProFM credential is a significant recent advancement to support the FM profession and the success of its professionals, providing both up-to-date training and recognition for facilities managers. This program helps facilities managers prepare for every career challenge and opportunity. AFE is encouraging its members to earn the ProFM credential to build a solid foundation in preparation for the pursuit of AFE’s existing Certified Professional Maintenance Manager (CPMM) or Certified Plant Engineer (CPE) designations.

ProFM teaches the 19 functional FM knowledge areas and five cross-functional competencies required of today’s facilities professionals. This body of knowledge is the result of an extensive research study, with input from more than 3,300 professionals spanning 93 countries. It aligns with the latest ISO 41000 series of standards and 147 of the US Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act performance criteria, making it one of the top ranked FM training programs.

According to the partners, ProFM aligns with AFE’s mission to provide tools and resources to enhance the expertise and broaden the connections of facilities management professionals worldwide. AFE’s support furthers ProFM’s ability to train the global FM community.

A.C. Powell, executive director and CEO of AFE, stated:

The ProFM credential addresses key concerns for our emerging professional members. While our credentialing programs are renowned for their comprehensive focus on identifying the skills necessary to diagnose preventive maintenance and reliability issues in any facility, our partnership with ProFMI puts our members in touch with an effective credentialing program. This program allows them to critically examine both their knowledge gaps as well as those of their entire team.  We are pleased to work with ProFMI to bring the ProFM credential to the global FM community.

The ProFM Credential Program is an all-in-one program, including reading materials, online study tools and online ProFM final assessments, allowing busy FMs to complete their training when it suits their schedule.

David Brady, founding member of the ProFMI Commission, remarked:

For well over 100 years, AFE has provided the tools and resources necessary to enhance the expertise of their members working in the built environment and has established a strong reputation as the leading technical educational and credentialing resource for facility engineering professionals. We are most pleased that AFE has become a ProFM credential Industry Partner as part of their strategy to expand their learning opportunities and provide an extensive array of value-added membership services.

For more information on the ProFM Credential Program, visit the ProFM website.

The Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) is a professional membership organization serving all professionals working in the built environment. AFE brings together professionals who ensure the optimal operation of high-rise commercial real estate, industrial plants, classified and non-classified government facilities, campuses of higher education, and medical centers around the world.  Established in 1915, AFE remains a leading technical education and credentialing resource for FM professionals.

The Professional Facility Management Institute (ProFMI) is the founding body behind the ProFM credential, and serves to gather experts that form the ProFMI commission, as well as administer the ProFM credential.