Airthings x Planon solution monitors and optimizes workplace IAQ in real time

Posted by Janet B. Stroud — November 17, 2023 — Norway-based Airthings, a global provider of indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring and energy-saving solutions, has joined forces with The Netherlands-based Planon, a global provider of integrated workplace management solutions (IWMS), to improve air quality in offices across the U.S.

Airthings x Planon graphicAs concerns about indoor air quality and its impact on health have grown exponentially after the pandemic, there is an increasing need for solutions that can monitor and optimize indoor air quality in real-time. Through the partnership, Planon will integrate data and analytics from Airthings, allowing its users to make informed decisions about health risks, wellness, productivity, and sustainability of their buildings and workspaces.

Darlene Pope, president of Planon North America, stated:

We believe this partnership between Planon and Airthings is a valuable and natural combination of our solutions — and in high demand right now in the market. By integrating Planon’s reporting and analytics capabilities with Airthings’ cutting-edge IAQ sensors, we are able to provide our customers with actionable insights that enable healthier and more comfortable workplaces.

JJ Baird, director of Strategic Partnerships at Airthings, commented:

We are very proud to be a partner with leading solution providers like Planon. Our mission at Airthings is to help the world breathe better, and we are proud to work with partners who share these common goals.

The Airthings for Business solution helps building owners and facility managers (FMs) make informed decisions using real-time indoor air quality data. Set up in a matter of minutes, the wireless monitors run on long-lasting batteries, making the solution easy to scale and customize to any new or existing space.