If you want facial recognition software with easy setup that’s affordable and won’t back up your lines, check out this no-touch access control

by Brianna Crandall — September 21, 2020 — AnyVision, a provider of visual intelligence, recently announced the general availability of AnyVision Touchless Access Control, a state-of-the-art software solution designed to eliminate the need for contact by using facial recognition to open controlled points of entry. The launch follows months of beta testing to ensure the product is easy to set up, verifies identity quickly without causing people to slow down, and has accurate “liveness detection.”

Eylon Etshtein, AnyVision CEO, stated:

Facial recognition isn’t just for security. It’s a core technology for enabling frictionless, intelligent operations. Providing contactless, controlled entry for people returning to work, venues or services is a critical capability, and we have built our best-in-class visual AI technology into an access control software product that delivers an industry-first: a truly safe and seamless entry experience.

AnyVision’s Touchless Access Control platform is designed to deliver an innovative combination of superior control and customer experience. Embedded liveness technology ensures that every detected face is real person and not a photograph or digital image, and the process of authenticating a person begins three meters from the point of entry and takes less than a second, which eliminates the need for a person to break stride, notes the company.

AnyVision integrates with leading access control systems and access control hardware — including security doors and speed gates from industry-leading Boon Edam — making it faster, easier and more cost effective to quickly implement and scale the product across locations.

Adam Devine, AnyVision’s CMO, pointed out:

Automating any business process is only beneficial if it meets or exceeds human accuracy, and it’s hard for facial recognition to match human accuracy when it comes to distinguishing between a live human and a photograph. Automating the authentication process at controlled points of entry to deliver a contactless experience requires liveness detection — algorithmically validating that the person walking up to a turnstile isn’t just holding up a photograph. Liveness detection, along with sub-second authentication, low total cost of ownership and scalability, is what customers should be looking for in a touchless access control solution, and that’s what they get with AnyVision.

The company says it has seen significant demand for its Touchless Access Control product across all industries, including corporate real estate companies and large employers who are working to ensure the safe return of employees. Touchless Access Control is one of three core applications of AnyVision’s visual artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which is also embedded into remote authentication for reducing fraud in digital services delivered on personal devices and watchlist alerting for reducing perimeter risk. AnyVision says it is committed to making it safer and more convenient for people to move through the world.

According to AnyVision, top-performing organizations use the company’s AI-driven computer vision to improve customer experience while enhancing safety. The company’s recognition technology is built into industry-leading touchless access control, automated watchlist alerting, and remote authentication capabilities that are said to perform with accuracy, speed and efficiency in challenging conditions. Headquartered in Tel Aviv with regional headquarters in New York, London and Singapore, the company serves customers in every industry around the world.