Gain instant access to closeout docs for your next renovation project with this ARC Facilities app

by Brianna Crandall — August 25, 2021 — ARC Facilities, a San Ramon, California-based technology company facilitating instant access to building information in the built space, recently announced the release of Construction Projects, a new module for its popular mobile app.

ARC Facilities app

ARC Facilities says it is transforming access to facilities information with a mobile-first platform for facilities teams on the go. Access and share critical building information including as-builts, closeouts, emergency information, O&Ms, and compliance information via an easy-to-use app. Eliminate hours of electronic file searches and trips to and from the plan room digging through paper.

Simply tap a mobile device to quickly locate shut-off valves and fire alarms. Conduct remote troubleshooting and prevent minor accidents from becoming major catastrophes. With instant access to building information, facilities teams can cover more ground and are more responsive and more efficient, says ARC Facilities.

Existing modules include Emergency Information, Healthcare Compliance, O&M Documentation and Building Plans.

New Construction Projects module

The new Construction Projects module provides instant access to ongoing construction documents to help facilities management (FM) professionals who are constantly challenged keeping track of information related to renovations and retrofits — especially closeouts.

ARC Facilities construction closeout eBook

ARC Facilities construction closeout eBook. Image courtesy ARC Facilities

When dealing with multiple renovation projects, facility teams are often last to receive closeouts. Without these documents, facility maintenance is basically guesswork, based on an often-confusing mess of as-builts drawings.

Jonathan Styrlund, vice president of Product Development, ARC Facilities, pointed out:

Facilities professionals can’t afford to wait months for construction closeouts. Operating without accurate information is risky, inefficient and costly. For the first time, facilities teams now have a single source of truth for accurate and current renovation project information. With Construction Projects, facility teams are assured that critical construction information is accessible where and when it is needed — accurate, accessible, and neatly organized.

How the module works

The solution will allow customers to organize, maintain and keep track of all construction drawings including specifications, RFI communications, submittals, and other project documentation. Project information is instantly accessible in an easy-to-use mobile application during construction.

Facility teams gain mobile access to building information during and after project completion and receive closeout packages at the end of projects.

For more information about the ARC Facilities app, visit the company’s website.

To learn more about the benefits of digitizing, gaining mobile access to and sharing construction documentation, a complimentary eBook on this topic, A Practical Guide for Managing Construction Closeout Documentation, is available for download from the ARC Facilities website.