See how Archibus’s new cloud-based IWMS software can grow with your company’s needs, to improve space usage and employee productivity

by Brianna Crandall — September 23, 2019 — Archibus, a leading provider of workplace software solutions, today announced the availability of Archibus Cloud, an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that now makes enterprise-grade software-as-a-service (SaaS) more accessible. This new product aligns organizations with best practices in agile, people-centric workplaces, featuring a simplified interface and cloud-based delivery model designed to make it easier to implement, update, scale, and realize rapid time-to-value.

In most cases, facilities management (FM) is the second-largest expense for mid- to large-sized organizations. Archibus Cloud enables customers to convert their facilities into strategic assets by transforming them into workspaces that perform for their business. This is accomplished by assisting companies in reducing bottom-line costs through better space utilization and facility performance, while also improving top-line revenue through increased employee productivity, attraction and retention.

Archibus + Serraview Chief Product Officer Ian Morley explained:

The idea of a single technology stack for the built environment allows the customer to take advantage of synergies between the data and go on a journey together with their IWMS vendor. That’s where we are different and we’re turning the tables on the IWMS industry. Archibus Cloud is focused on delivering rapid time-to-value, best practices, and configuration over customization, as well as building strategic, long-term, value-adding relationships with our customers and partners. We’re in this together.

A key feature of Archibus Cloud is its scalability, enabling customers to add users and powerful specialized applications as their needs evolve. While other SaaS IWMS products are focused on the smaller end of the market and tend to hit a ceiling as their customers need more value from their workspaces, Archibus allows its customers to start small and scale as their workplace strategy matures. Customers can add modules as needs warrant and budgets permit, while demonstrating return on investment (ROI) every step of the way through the powerful metrics and reporting of Archibus Cloud applications.

Archibus Foundations basic IWMS package

At the entry level, all customers start out with Archibus Foundations, the basic IWMS package delivered through the cloud, which enables a simple, easy-to-use solution that includes real-time service, updates, security, and bug fixes that result in rapid time-to-value — all aimed at increasing accessibility.

This package includes:

  • System administration
  • Foundations homepage with strategic dashboards
  • Space management console
  • Service console
  • Equipment management
  • Employee-facing workplace web application
  • Space and occupancy reports
  • Maintenance and service reports
  • Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD and Revit
  • Online help

Archibus Foundations also includes mobile functionality that boasts a clean look and a user-friendly interface.

Add-on Cloud Modules

Archibus Cloud scales vertically from 100 to more than 300,000 employees. It also scales horizontally by enabling organizations to seamlessly add modules that focus on space, reservations, operations, and assets.

Add-on Cloud Modules that sit on top of and extend Archibus Foundations include:

  • Space Management Module: Enhanced space management console and dashboards, enterprise move management, space chargebacks, mobile app for space audits, reports, and online help
  • Serraview Space Planning Module: Elite space management, visual block and stack (VBS) scenario planning, ratio-based seating for flexible activity-based work (ABW), advanced dashboards and reports, portfolio manager, storage lockers/parking, and occupancy forecasting, as well as enhanced enterprise move management, chargebacks, reports, online help, and more
  • Serraview Space Optimization Module: Real-time Internet of Things (IoT) utilization data from badges, sensors, beacons, Wi-Fi, and more, with metrics on true utilization/capacity in order to right-size real estate portfolio planning, demonstrate savings, and foster continuous improvement
  • Building Operations Module: Building Operations dashboards on facility performance, Preventive Maintenance Planner, On-Demand Work, mobile maintenance app, Building Operations Console, Labor Scheduler, Cost Analysis Console, Report Console, Maintenance History, and online help
  • Asset Management Module: Asset Management dashboards to inform capital planning, Asset Registration Console, Equipment Systems Console, Asset and Equipment Surveys, Lifecycle Console, Disposal Console, Depreciation Schedules, and online help
  • Reservations Module: Web-based employee-facing experience with meeting room reservations, workspace hoteling, workplace requests, Microsoft Outlook Plugin, and personal homepages. Managers empowered with Reservations Calendar Console, Service Console, and reporting on space bookings/requests

Susan Clarke, principal analyst at Verdantix, stated:

Archibus provides its customers with a huge depth of functionality, placing it as one of the leaders in our 2019 Green Quadrant benchmark of IWMS solutions. This investment in their solution with a new cloud deployment option — that aims to deliver faster customer value through more focused solution delivery — is what’s needed given customer expectations.

The distribution model for Archibus Cloud also makes it more accessible to wider markets. Its extensive, global, go-to-market channel is a key differentiator, with hundreds of experts around the globe ready to support Archibus Cloud. In addition to customers purchasing the product through a certified Archibus Cloud Partner, they can now also purchase directly from Archibus + Serraview.

Archibus Cloud is priced as an annual subscription fee for unlimited users, based on the modules chosen and the size of the facilities that will be managed in the system (measured by area of the facility). The more space that the client commits to up front, the cheaper the unit cost is per area.

For more information about Archibus Cloud, or to schedule a demo, visit the company’s website.

For more FM-specific information on Archibus product offerings, see the company’s FMLink page. Archibus FM and workplace optimization software solutions cultivate workplaces to perform for people by enabling organizations across the globe to consolidate systems onto a single integrated platform for all the data, planning, and operations of real estate, infrastructure and facilities.