ASHRAE’s Vision 2030 resources can help you build and operate smart, resilient facilities

by Brianna Crandall — May 3, 2021 — Global building technology society ASHRAE has just announced the launch of its Vision 2030 webpage, with resources to support a smarter, more resilient built environment.

As technology continues to improve every aspect of the built environment, ASHRAE’s Vision 2030 is committed to leading, serving, and providing all professionals in the buildings industry with the resources and knowledge to continually drive the innovative and strategic improvements needed during the revolution of the built environment.

2018-19 ASHRAE Presidential Member and Vision 2030 Chair Shelia J. Hayter, P.E., stated:

The Vision 2030 webpage provides guidance to support intelligent design, construction and operation for a more adaptable and resilient built environment. We believe that the contributions of the Vision 2030 team will serve as a powerful resource to industry professionals and the general public alike.

The webpage features the following five sections:

  • Connected Communities
  • Built Environment
  • Data and Integration
  • Team Processes
  • Member Services
  • Resources

As an example of the resources available, the Built Environment section of the Vision 2030 webpage leads to extensive information on Zero Carbon, Resiliency and Indoor Environmental Quality.

Questions and requests for technical guidance and interpretations should be submitted to the following email address: For more information on Vision 2030, visit the ASHRAE website.