ASIS updates its go-to reference set for protection of assets with leading-edge security best practices

by Brianna Crandall — July 12, 2021 — To keep pace with the ever-evolving security industry, professional organization ASIS International released an update to the Protection of Assets (POA) reference set. Refreshed to reflect today’s changing times and keep security professionals on the leading edge of best practices in the field, this collection is to assist security management directors and professionals responsible for corporate asset protection.

ASIS POA Physical Security

Available individually or as a bundle, the POA includes vital learning on such aspects of asset protection as physical security (shown here). Image courtesy ASIS

This refreshed reference set, which was first published in 1974, constitutes recommended reading for all four of ASIS’s certifications. Teams of subject matter experts across the security continuum volunteered to write, edit, and update the POA — including Tim Sutton, CPP, senior security consultant, Guidepost Solutions.

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Sutton stated:

Since its first iteration, the POA is and has been the ultimate reference for the security profession. I have used the POA as an encyclopedia for security, referencing it for countless projects across all industry verticals — including healthcare, commercial real estate, education, manufacturing, and cannabis. The latest version addresses modern challenges and practices, making it now more than ever the go-to reference for the security industry.

Available individually or as a bundle, the POA includes vital learning on the following aspects of asset protection:

  • Business Principles, including the fundamentals of security business operations, management, and leadership
  • Crisis Management, including emergency management, business continuity, and crisis communications
  • Personnel, including security officer operations, employee drug testing, executive protection, and spotting problem behavior
  • Physical Security, including design principles and practices, tools and techniques to satisfy protection objectives, and practical project management guidance
  • Investigations, including interviews and interrogations, undercover investigations, due diligence, preemployment background screening, evidence collection, and expert testimony
  • Security Management, including theft and fraud prevention, security standards, loss reporting, methods, and enterprise security risk management (ESRM)

ASIS members can enjoy a discount of $200 off the list price and free global shipping on the softcover bundle. Learn more about the Protection of Assets on the ASIS website.

Workplace Violence Preparedness Checklist

The POA site also features a downloadable Workplace Violence Preparedness Checklist. When violence enters the workplace, employers must be prepared by identifying early the existence of the threat, responding appropriately by involving law enforcement and other professionals, and ensuring that all employees are knowledgeable about effective strategies to reduce the likelihood of injury.

The stages of the pathway to violence include ideation, planning, acquisition, probing/surveillance, and action/implementation. The free checklist is a valuable guide that highlights responding to and preventing workplace violence as early as possible through identification, mitigation, and response to pre-incident indicators.