See how this BAS appliance leverages energy valve data to help you quickly improve building performance

by Brianna Crandall — April 13, 2020 — SkyFoundry has just announced Belimo’s release of the Belimo Clear Edge appliance, which is implemented on the SkySpark Everywhere platform. Clear Edge leverages data from BACnet-connected Belimo Energy Valves in a Building Automation System (BAS) to automatically monitor, manage and optimize water coil performance and hydronic energy consumption.

The Belimo Group is a global manufacturer of innovative electrical actuator, valve, and sensor solutions for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. The company’s Clear Edge appliance provides trending capability with automated Delta T setpoint adjustment to increase system efficiency and energy savings strategies.

The Belimo Clear Edge is built upon the SkyFoundry SkySpark Everywhere platform. SkyFoundry provides software solutions to create value from the data produced by the Internet of Things (IoT); SkySpark Analytics software is an open, extensible platform enabling data from a wide range of sources to be automatically collected, visualized, and analyzed, to identify opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction and execute automated system optimization.

Clear Edge can be implemented on-premise and does not require an Internet connection. All analytics and optimization are processed locally on the Clear Edge hardware device or by a local SkySpark instance. The Clear Edge includes a suite of custom apps built on SkySpark’s View Builder technology: an Energy Dashboard, Coil Power and Delta T Curves, Setpoint Configuration, and an Aggregated System-level view of all Energy Valves in a building. The application also provides automatic discovery of all Energy Valves using SkySpark’s BACnet communications connector.

John Petze, co-founder and COO of SkyFoundry, remarked:

The implementation of SkySpark in Belimo’s industry-leading Energy Valve product line provides customers with continuous optimization of performance and demonstrates the power of our SkySpark Everywhere program, which enables the full feature set of the SkySpark platform to be embedded at the “edge” in small, low-cost IoT and control devices.

Scott Reed, product manager, Energy Valve and Water Performance Devices, stated:

The Belimo Clear Edge provides a simplified view of the rich Energy Valve data on the BACnet network, allowing facility managers to improve building performance quickly.

Clear Edge is available either as a hardware-based offering from Belimo or as a no-cost software extension for use on existing SkySpark installations. The no-cost software extension can be downloaded via the online store.