For accurate infrastructure records, this asset management software lets techs make updates in the field

by Brianna Crandall — November 22, 2021 — San Francisco-area startup company BetterGIS recently announced the latest release of its Uvara asset management software. This release focuses on providing the ability to edit attributes of any of their thousands of assets (pipes, cables, valves, etc.) and manage the commits to the core database. Municipal water/wastewater, electrical cooperatives, healthcare, commercial real estate are examples of industries that will benefit.

BetterGIS Uvara asset management software

Workers or managers in the field can edit attributes of any of their thousands of assets (pipes, cables, valves, etc.). Image courtesy BetterGIS

Users gain an easy-to-use desktop and mobile experience for work crews and facilities managers (FMs) to update missing or incorrect information about asset attributes. Users can edit, update, and roll back data in the field or back in the office. Managers can review edit logs to approve and keep the changes done to the master database, or to roll back if they see that edits were done erroneously. Existing users logging into the various browsers will notice they already have access to the new editing and administrative functions.

Moufid Charafeddine, CTO, BetterGIS, remarked:

For many facility managers, incomplete or incorrect data in water, electric, or telecom networks is a big issue. It takes time and planning effort to collect and prepare changes in batches and perform the data uploads. We are giving the users another way to incrementally update the information of an unlimited variety of structures and utility networks.

Uvara is designed for facilities managers to subscribe and have up-to-date information, analysis, and planning for their existing infrastructure built from scratch in a few weeks and stay updated. Asset information is digitized by the Uvara professional services team, integrated from paper maps or CAD/GIS drawings with tabular attributes such as size, year, maintenance schedule, etc.

Moufid added:

We designed editing to fit smoothly into the normal workflow of engineers and technicians. With a simple search in tens of thousands of network elements or point-and-click on a map, users can immediately update information as it is discovered to be instantly accessible to all authorized internal and external parties. Managers can make changes in a simple dashboard interface at their own pace.

Data accuracy is enhanced by obtaining drone high-resolution images and performing field-verification walks. Once the data is integrated, Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR) information can be tied together for a spatial digital twin. This live and current twin of infrastructure is used by FMs for scheduling maintenance, responding to emergencies, preparing budget and capital plans as well as guiding new opportunities for construction.

Uvara addresses the full lifecycle of the assets starting with the engineering, planning, and construction phase and continues through operation and maintenance and financial planning. For more information, visit the BetterGIS website.