Looking for an ergonomic task chair? Here’s a value-priced one for office or home, and one with a secret weapon for protection from germs

by Brianna Crandall — October 21, 2020 — ErgoGenesis Workplace Solutions, manufacturer of BodyBilt ergonomic seating, released two new ergonomic task chairs in recent weeks — one at a more affordable pricepoint for office and remote work, and one with a secret weapon to fight germs.

Value-priced mid-back Midcelli

Midcelli is an innovative mid-back task chair with the BodyBilt patented adjustable back design that includes elastomeric mesh and air cell lumbar technology. Designed to fit the typical user at mid-back height, Midcelli is value-priced for office and work-from-home users alike.

ErgoGenesis BodyBilt Midcelli task chairs

The Midcelli mid-back task chair features elastomeric mesh and air cell lumbar technology and is value-priced for office and work-from-home users alike. Image courtesy ErgoGenesis

The Midcelli also has a new feature,  Ultra Arms, with a space-saving design that incorporates a huge range of adjustments and allows for easier movement in a tighter workspace while maintaining complete ergonomic wrist and arm posture.

Midcelli offers technology for comfort and correct ergonomic posture, including back compression and support, arm adjustability, and a contoured seat that distributes pressure more evenly and maximizes comfort.

Built by hand in Texas, the BodyBilt Midcelli chair is available in a variety of seat fabrics, colors and contours.

Copper-infused Aircelli option

ErgoGenesis also responded to the rising need for antimicrobial seating with the release of its copper-infused seat fabric and mesh back, now an available option for its popular Aircelli task chair. Copper was recently registered at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the first solid antimicrobial material, and copper fabrics have been shown in recent tests to impact the potency and even destroy HIV virus, influenza virus and even the coronavirus, according to the company.

ErgoGenesis BodyBilt Aircelli with Cupron technology

The popular Aircelli task chair now features the option of naturally antimicrobial copper technology from Cupron embedded into its seat fabric and mesh back. Image courtesy ErgoGenesis

Copper technology from Cupron infuses products with antimicrobial benefits, embedded for the life of the fiber. Cupron technology used in the BodyBilt copper mesh is said to provide an antimicrobial barrier while inhibiting the growth of a broad spectrum of microorganisms. This technology protects the fabric from odor and stains while shielding against bacteria, fungus and microbes that cause strains and degrade fibers and fabrics while keeping the mesh clean and odor free, says the company.

The Aircelli series of task chairs offers ergonomic benefits, cost savings, and a solid warranty. The elastomeric mesh offers greater support in the lower back, while relaxing the tension in the upper back area. The task chairs feature cell technology for compression and support, arm adjustability, and a contoured seat.

The BodyBilt Aircelli chair with copper-infused mesh back and fabric seat is available immediately..