These acoustic room dividers and desk panels can help you carve out workspaces, reduce noise and direct foot traffic

by Brianna Crandall — June 23, 2021 — BuzziSpace, a Belgium-based designer of human-centric acoustic solutions, lighting and furnishings, recently introduced a new way of defining a space with BuzziShield, a collection of room dividers and desk panels that come in a wide range of configurations and sizes to accommodate different interior needs.

BuzziShield Hook room dividers.

BuzziShield Hook room dividers. Image courtesy BuzziSpace

The BuzziShield partition panel collection helps define space while simultaneously performing acoustically to absorb excessive noise at the workplace, creating a cocoon feeling. Three products offered — BuzziShield Hook, BuzziShield Free, and BuzziShield Desk — perform different functions in the office environment to create a cohesive yet fun visual language to ensure a happier and happier workplace.

BuzziShield Hook and BuzziShield Free are architectural in execution and sculptural in form to carve out designated spaces, especially within open-office settings, to support privacy, concentration, collaboration and more. The interior panels offer optimal noise reduction thanks to their 2.8-inch-thick upholstered body and geometric shape, making them fun and exciting alternatives to traditional dividers seen ubiquitously in the workplace, such as “bleak” glass and wood panels, says BuzziSpace.

BuzziShield Free room divider and BuzziShield Desk desk partition.

BuzziShield Free room divider and BuzziShield Desk desk partition. Image courtesy BuzziSpace

BuzziShield Hook comes in four different configurations: Wedge Right, Wedge Left, Flat Right, and Flat Left, while BuzziShield Free is offered in two width options: 47 and 63 inches. Both products have two height options: medium (59 inches) and high (71 inches).

Users can group BuzziShield Hook and BuzziShield Free together to bring softness feeling and a touch of color, or have them stand alone in a room to create new possibilities and expressions to delineate space. One panel can also work as a desk partition, while multiple panels help create different zones and direct foot traffic in communal areas.

BuzziShield Desk offers tabletop application possibilities to round out the versatile collection. Similar to the office dividers, this product provides visual privacy and noise reduction at communal or personal workstations. This soft and pinnable desk partition can be easily installed on top of a table by placing it on a metal baseplate or fastened to the edge of a desk with “invisible fixes.” BuzziShield Desk is available in two different heights (15.7” and 23.6”) as well as three length options to further its application possibilities.

Further customization can be done to the entire BuzziShield collection — choose from a variety of BuzziSpace signature fabrics and colors to further personalize the workplace with this unexpected and eye-catching design element.

For more information about BuzziShield Hook and BuzziShield Free room dividers and BuzziShield Desk desk partitions, visit the BuzziSpace website.