Create order and encourage collaboration with this modular bookcase and sofa

by Brianna Crandall — February 26, 2021 — Denmark-based furniture designer and manufacturer Carl Hansen & Søn recently announced the new FK63 Bookcase System and RF1903 Sideways Sofa. Functionality and flexibility meet materiality and sustainability in these new designs. The collections offer storage, modularity and a bit of fun to any space, encouraging both order and a collaborative environment.

FK63 Bookcase System

Danish design duo Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm — who have achieved worldwide recognition for their unique aesthetics and sculptural understanding — joined Carl Hansen & Søn’s collection of classic designer furniture with their flexible and timeless FK Bookcase System.

Carl Hansen & Son FK63 Bookcase System and RF1903 Sideways Sofa

The new FK63 Bookcase System and RF1903 Sideways Sofa encourage both calm order and a collaborative environment. Image courtesy Carl Hansen & Son

Combining the pair’s respective training as a cabinetmaker and a smith, the award-winning FK Bookcase System consists of square modules in two depths. The bookcase can hang on the wall or sit on the floor, and can be rotated so that the shelves are either tall or wide. Depending on the combination, it is thereby possible to create a traditional or more dynamic look.

Moreover, the bookcase can be customized with shelves, drawers and doors depending on requirements. The minimalist design of the units pays homage to proud craftsmanship traditions, among other things by highlighting the beautiful mortise joints, which are a key element in the bookcase design, offering both beauty and stability.

Simple yet functional, the award-winning FK Bookcase System is made of solid oak at Carl Hansen & Søn’s factory in Gelsted on Funen, Denmark, with an emphasis on precision craftsmanship, including doors that are hand-adjusted for “perfect” symmetry, elegantly contrasting ash drawers, and a spring ball catch at the bottom of each door that produces a discreet click when the door is closed.

The elegant and flexible FK Bookcase System offers numerous possibilities for creating a just-right bookcase design for modern homes, offices, hotels and other public spaces.

The Carl Hansen & Søn configurator makes it easy to design your own FK Bookcase System. You can explore the modules online or via the app, and build your very own storage solution which can be saved and added to later, or taken to one of the company’s dealers or flagship stores.

The modular FK63 Bookcase System by Fabricius and Kastholm is available from the company’s website, dealers or stores.

RF1903 Sideways Sofa

 With its modern shape and classic design, the asymmetric Sideways Sofa invites collaboration. The sofa, now launched by Carl Hansen & Søn, is designed by Danish designer Rikke Frost.

Carl Hansen & Søn represents more than 110 years of dedication to quality craftmanship, unique partnerships and visionary design concepts. The company has now partnered with talented Danish designer Rikke Frost, who has created a sofa embodying a modern idiom, solid craftsmanship and classic materials with a clear reference to the Danish Modern movement.

The Sideways Sofa combines classic materials, such as wood and paper cord, with a modern asymmetric shape that serves a clear purpose.

Designer Rikke Frost explained:

Communication is being challenged by tablets and other digital equipment, so I wanted to make a sofa where it feels more natural for people to talk to each other. Many sofas require you to sit straight and turn your head to the side instead of turning to face each other. I wanted to create a sofa where you sit sideways as this encourages more natural conversation.

The Sideways Sofa’s steam-bent backrest and organically shaped seat form two seats that place the parties opposite each other, thus promoting conversation. Open and inviting, the low backrest is made of solid wood and woven cord for a light elegant look, while the seat and back are upholstered in textile to create optimal comfort.

Frost designed the sofa’s prototype in just three weeks as part of Danmarks Radio’s TV program Denmark’s Next Classic, where the sofa took first place in its category. The details and craftsmanship have subsequently been refined — the upholstery, the backrest and solid wood legs — with the shape and function coming together to produce a beautifully balanced sofa, says the company.

The RF1903 Sideways Sofa by Rikke Frost is available in a left- or right-oriented version.