Eliminate hand-waving frustration and reduce waste with Bobrick’s Universal Roll Towel Dispenser

Reliable, touchless operation, free from proprietary contracts

Posted by Johann Nacario — March 6, 2023 —  Bobrick Washroom Equipment recently redesigned its Automatic Universal Roll Towel Dispenser with a streamlined appearance and improved operation. The North Hollywood, CA-based company says the sleek design makes for an attractive profile, and the new and intuitive, patron-friendly LED light clearly directs users to the towel activation zone, eliminating hand-waving frustration.

Bobrick’s B-2974: towel dispenser

Bobrick’s B-2974 surface-mounted Automatic Universal Roll Towel Dispenser. Image courtesy of Bobrick.

The Automatic Universal Roll Towel Dispenser accommodates universal roll towels, which cost less, reduce waste and require less maintenance for reduced total cost of ownership, especially in high-traffic facilities, adds Bobrick. Converting from folded towels to roll towels saves 30% in ongoing costs, while open-market universal purchasing provides freedom from locked-in contract prices and removes the risk of an empty dispenser. The Automatic Universal Roll Towel Dispenser is a key element of a well-designed, high-functioning, hygienic restroom that will stand the test of time.

Available now, the easy to install Automatic Universal Roll Towel Dispenser provides many additional features and benefits:

Bobrick’s B-3974: towel dispenser

Bobrick’s B-3974 recessed mounted Automatic, Universal Roll Towel Dispenser is equipped with a 12-gallon waste bin. Image courtesy of Bobrick.

  • Trigger bar technology and adjustable sensor range virtually eliminate unintentional dispensing
  • Adjustable towel dispense length with choice of concealed or exposed paper
  • Less maintenance because roll towels last longer than folded, and the stub roll utilization means minimal waste
  • Battery operated with optional AC adapter
  • Quieter operation and dispensing, and unmatched reliability with 99.99% jam-free operation

Bobrick’s updated Automatic Universal Roll Towel Dispenser comes in a variety of profiles — from recessed and semi-recessed to surface mounted — that can fit any project’s needs. Available options include three combination units that feature a dispenser and waste bin (B-3974, B-39747 and B-3979), and two dispenser-only selections, the B-2974 and B-29744.

To protect your design intent and prevent post-installation conversions to plastic dispensers with proprietary paper contracts, readers can connect with a Bobrick sales representative to specify the Automatic Universal Roll Towel Dispenser as the basis of design for your next restroom project. Visit Bobrick for more details about the company’s complete line of Automatic Universal Roll Towel Dispensers.