If you need to replace concrete pavers, these low-carbon products eliminate efflorescence and gain full strength in 24 hours

by Brianna Crandall — September 20, 2019 — EP Henry, a US-based manufacturer of unit concrete products since 1903, in collaboration with Solidia Technologies, a sustainable cement and concrete technology start-up, has introduced the world’s first products made with award-winning low-carbon Solidia Concrete. Using LafargeHolcim’s Solidia Cement as its base, which requires lower temperatures during production and thereby emits less carbon, Solidia Concrete products are cured with carbon dioxide (CO₂) instead of water, reducing their overall carbon footprint up to 70% compared to traditional concrete.

Installation of EP Henry pavers made with Solidia Concrete

EP Henry pavers with Solidia Concrete offer sustainability, visual and durability benefits. Image courtesy EP Henry

EP Henry President Eric Long remarked:

Our reputation as the leader in the industry has led to some significant partnerships in new product and technology development. This most recent — and perhaps most exciting — partnership with Solidia Technologies, will shift the landscape of the concrete industry.

Since 2013, the firms have collaborated to integrate the systems into EP Henry’s Wrightstown manufacturing facility.

Solidia Technologies President and CEO Tom Schuler stated:

As the trusted leader in concrete, renowned for driving both market and product innovation, EP Henry was our first choice as the global launch partner for Solidia Cement. We are so grateful that, by sharing their unmatched market knowledge and deep expertise in product and service innovation, EP Henry has helped us make sustainability smart business for cement and concrete.

Through their combined research and development (R&D) efforts, the companies reportedly demonstrated the many benefits of Solidia Concrete over traditional ordinary Portland cement-based products, including:

  • Eenhanced color vibrancy
  • The near elimination of primary efflorescence
  • Improved durability
  • Greater resistance to de-icing salts
  • Gain full strength in 24 hours compared to the 28 days required for traditional steam-cured concrete

“That Solidia Concrete eliminates efflorescence was my first motivation to explore it,” explained Long, referring to the whitish deposits common to newer concrete and masonry products.

Long continued:

We have discovered many additional benefits, and we have been pleased with the enthusiastic reception we have received from installers and consumers, who love the product benefits and that their hardscaping projects are helping protect the environment.

EP Henry’s new pavers and blocks gain their performance advantages as a result of Solidia’s new chemistry, which can be produced at traditional precast concrete manufacturing facilities using standard equipment but with a conversion of curing kilns to CO₂. In addition to offering product enhancements, Solidia’s patented processes offer manufacturers considerable energy savings and cost reductions and just-in-time production capabilities, significantly reducing inventory storage requirements. Solidia Concrete products can also be recycled before curing, significantly reducing manufacturing waste.

Today, EP Henry products made with Solidia Concrete are being installed in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US. The company is expanding its range of Solidia Concrete product offerings. It plans to convert 50 percent of the Wrightstown facility to Solidia Concrete production this year, with a full conversion planned for the future. As a result of its conversion to Solidia’s CO₂ curing process, within one year, EP Henry expects to be the largest consumer of CO₂ in New Jersey.

EP Henry’s fourth-generation CEO JC Henry commented:

For over 115 years and four generations, our family has sought to make the best quality product for our customers. Now, with Solidia, we’re making concrete products that are not only better for our customers, but also better for the planet. I have seen the future, and it is Solidia.

To learn more about EP Henry’s new ECO Bristol Stone pavers made with Solidia concrete, and a video describing a recent installation for a fire company, visit the EP Henry website.