These lighting controls solutions offer easier installation and wider compatibility with third-party LED fixtures

by Brianna Crandall — November 29, 2021 — ETC, a manufacturer of visual environment technologies used around the world, has just announced new lighting controls components to simplify installation and help facilities managers (FMs) and other specifiers locate dimming and control systems that work for a wider variety of lighting fixtures.

ETC F-Drive-B-Box

The new F-Drive lighting controls accessory simplifies installation and increases compatibility with third-party LED fixtures; B-Box simplifies the wiring required to connect to the F-Drive unit. Image courtesy ETC

A new F-Drive accessory is now available, simplifying installation and vastly increasing compatibility with third-party LED fixtures. The B-Box4 uses the RJ45 output of an F-Drive card to position up to four channels of Molex, terminal, or RJ45 connections at any location in your installation.

With the addition of B-Box, the award-winning F-Drive LED power system offers more flexibility to meet each facility’s installation needs. Whether using third-party or ETC-manufactured fixtures, specifiers can simplify the wiring required to connect to the F-Drive unit.

F-Drive is a modular, centralized solution for controlling LED luminaires. With easy access to swappable driver cards and power supplies, all critical components are readily accessible for maintenance and updates. F-Drive is available as an R12 rack-mounted solution or a W1 wall-mounted solution.

A variety of connection options allows facilities to use a wide range of luminaires with B-Box, while taking advantage of ETC’s high-performance dimming and control technology. ETC’s new F-Drive System Design Tool helps confirm third-party functionality.

The company says its integration test lab is set up and ready to receive general market fixtures for testing and performance grading to help customers evaluate and determine the best combination of ETC control systems for various LED fixtures.

For more information, visit the ETC website or click on the product links above.