EvaClean is now poised to tackle Covid-19 variants worldwide with safe, effective electrostatic spraying

by Brianna Crandall — January 5, 2022 — The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has spotlighted the cleaning industry’s critical role across the globe and become a catalyst for the adoption of new technologies. Originally developed by EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives in 2016, EvaClean has spearheaded acceptance of key disruptors in advanced electrostatic spraying combined with superior NaDCC chemistries, leading to a position as a foremost solution for safer, more sustainable infection prevention in the United States.

EvaClean_Global-01Now, EvaClean says it is ready to tackle Covid-19 and all its variants on a global scale, along with every other contagious pathogen. Building on U.S. success, EvaClean Founder and Chairman RJ Valentine has added a world-class executive team with the experience and capabilities to lead an expansion of international magnitude.

Valentine stated:

Covid-19 significantly accelerated growth opportunities for this business. Guided by CEO Steve Wilson, COO Kurt Wong, CMO Dan Clifford, and Global VP of Sales Rich Prinz, EvaClean is prepared to help save lives worldwide by mitigating the multitude of infectious illnesses that already exist, as well as those yet to come.

EvaClean’s new leadership has now established the infrastructure necessary to support international expansion and formed strategic partnerships with leading business groups in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The initial phase of EvaClean’s EU expansion includes serving the UK and eight EU countries with a combined population of more than 311 million; however, plans for roll out across the entire EU are already in progress. EvaClean Europe will be headquartered in Ireland, with international business development based in Amsterdam.

EvaClean Asia opened head offices in Singapore to launch its Asia-Pacific (APAC) initiative through a series of strategic distribution partnerships. Collectively, they will offer safer infection prevention solutions to an estimated 1.7 billion residents across six Asian territories, in addition to the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

CEO Steve Wilson remarked:

The combination of domestic business growth, a strong leadership team, and successful preliminary international tests gave us confidence it was time for worldwide expansion. The recent emergence of new variants further reinforces our commitment to service all corners of the globe.

Several key distributor partners in the U.S. who also have international operations will now be offering the EvaClean Infection Prevention Solution in markets all over the world as well.

Rich Prinz, global VP of Sales, pointed out:

There is a tremendous need for a safer, simplified, and sustainable approach to infection control in some of the largest population centers on the planet. Proactive infection prevention is a global imperative.

New global initiatives include internationally standardized programs for implementation, marketing and sales programs, and ongoing training solutions. EvaClean has also augmented customer success capabilities and expert field support teams in order to ensure they maintain a consistently high level of service in the U.S. and abroad.

Find out more about EvaClean electrostatic spraying technology and NaDCC chemistries on the company’s website.