See how this whiteboard with a built-in calendar, coaching image or grid can enhance planning and collaboration

by Brianna Crandall — January 17, 2020 — US-based whiteboard manufacturer EVERWhite now offers a wide variety of calendar whiteboards, coaching whiteboards and EZGrid ghost boards — all with graphics printed below a dry-erase surface that is guaranteed not to stain.

EVERWhite dry-erase calendar whiteboards, coaching whiteboards and EZGrid ghost boards

EVERWhite dry-erase calendar whiteboards, coaching whiteboards and EZGrid ghost boards all feature graphics printed below a dry-erase surface guaranteed not to stain. Image courtesy EVERWhite

One-month and multi-month calendar boards

Dry-erase calendars are available in 1-month, 2-month, 3-month, 4-month, 6-month and 12-month versions, in various sizes ranging from 2×3 feet to 4×8 feet.

Calendar image color options are blue, beige, gray and black and white. A one-month calendar with a lined notes section is also available. For the magnetic calendars, EVERWhite offers sets of month and date magnets designed to fit the month and date cells of the calendars.

EZGrid ghost boards for writing, drawing

The new EZGrid whiteboards have guide grids printed below the dry-erase surface.

The watermarked guides include square grids, isometric grids, and dots — each available in one-inch and two-inch grid. The grids provide a guide for writing, drawing and designing, but are barely visible several feet away from the boards. With the isometric pattern, drawings that appear to be three-dimensional (3D) can be created.

EZGrid watermarked grid boards are available in sizes ranging from 2×3 feet to 4×12 feet.

Sports team coaching boards

Sports teams have long relied on EVERWhite’s custom-printed whiteboards for coaching boards, but now also can obtain preprinted coaching boards designed for five popular sports. The boards include football and soccer, each with full field and half-field images; basketball, with full court and half-court images; hockey, with full ice rink and half-rink images; and volleyball, with two full-court images.

The coaching boards include space between the images for writing. Each is available in 3×4-foot and 4×6-foot versions.

All of the preprinted aluminum-framed whiteboards are available with magnetic and nonmagnetic surfaces. All boards are easy to install and include wall-mounting hardware.

The new preprinted whiteboards are in addition to EVERWhite’s line-up of standard 4- and 5-foot-tall whiteboards in aluminum and wood frames, education preprinted boards, custom printed boards, and custom-size boards.

EVERWhite dry-erase boards have a nonporous surface engineered to prevent staining and to make cleaning incredibly easy. The boards are made in the US and shipped in crates specially designed to ensure safe delivery.

For more information or to purchase the dry-erase calendar whiteboards, coaching whiteboards or EZGrid ghost boards, visit the EVERWhite website.

Hartford, Wisconsin-based EVERWhite manufactures and sells a variety of dry-erase whiteboards, cork tack boards and combination boards used by schools and universities, health-care facilities, businesses and sports teams, as well as the MOBILEGuard Ballistic Panel System — bullet-resistant mobile whiteboard panels that provide a shelter-in-place solution for schools and other organizations during active-shooter events. The company also just introduced a 5-foot-tall whiteboard that doubles as a projector surface.