Need to identify potential active shooters but keep visitors moving quickly? Check out Evolv Technology’s weapons-detection system

by Brianna Crandall — November 18, 2019 — Evolv Technology, a provider of free-flow weapons-screening systems worldwide, recently launched Evolv Express, an innovative no-stop weapons-detection system built to automatically screen groups of people as they walk through without slowing or stopping. Express screens visitors individually or together, while automatically differentiating weapons from personal items.

Evolv Express weapons-detection system screens for potential active shooters

Evolv is designed to reduce the burden on security teams and take the hassle out of people screening. Image courtesy Evolv Technology

Express is engineered to consistently screen 60 people every minute for firearms and other threats. That’s 3,600 people per hour — 10 times faster than a traditional checkpoint system, says the company. Express is designed to address the active shooter epidemic by detecting potential shooters before they enter a venue, without slowing the flow of visitors.

Applications for Express including addressing workplace gun violence and school shootings, protecting iconic landmarks and keeping hotels and conference centers, airports and other transportation hubs, houses of worship, government agencies, and large sports and entertainment venues safe. Venue managers no longer have to choose between effective security and positive visitor experience, says Evolv.

Mike Ellenbogen, chief executive officer (CEO), Evolv Technology, stated:

We live in an era of viral violence which has created a mass vulnerability problem. There is a clear need for a better way to deter or detect firearms and other threats before they enter a safe space, all while maintaining a positive experience for visitors and employees. Since the vast majority of visitors pose no threat, how do you allow them to walk right through while simultaneously identifying and separating those few individuals who may require a closer look? We’re dedicated to solving the protection paradox. Today’s facilities need a solution that can quickly identify a threat but still welcome the crowds. We’re proud to have developed the first weapons-detection system capable of preventing the mass slaughter of innocent people without subjecting visitors to the traditional prison-like security experience.

Using a new patented method of threat detection, Evolv’s Cortex AI (artificial intelligence) software platform can instantly detect and identify a person carrying a weapon without slowing the flow of visitors who are carrying their personal items and bags.

By fusing the latest high-speed sensors and Cortex AI, the Express weapons-detection system delivers:

  • 10X faster throughput than traditional checkpoints: Express screens more than 3,600 people per hour. Visitors and employees walk one at a time or in groups through multi-lane entrances up to eight feet wide.
  • Free-flow screening: Only with Evolv, groups of people are screened simultaneously without removing personal items. Visitors no longer must stop and empty their pockets or remove their bags. They simply walk through naturally.
  • Real-time weapons detection: The Evolv Cortex AI software instantly distinguishes between threats and personal items such as keys, coins, belts and cell phones on the visitor’s body or in their bag. Weapons include firearms, explosive devices, and knives.
  • Targeted searches: Express provides guards with a real-time image on a local tablet, highlighting the individual with the potential threat and the location on the visitor’s body or in their bag.
  • Smarter Over Time: Stay ahead of the threat landscape. With the Evolv Cortex AI software platform, Express becomes more intelligent as new threat profiles are discovered.

According to the company, Evolv technology has been deployed in hundreds of systems worldwide that have screened more than 25 million visitors to date in a free-flow operation and prevented them from bringing over 5,000 weapons into public venues and places of work. Express debuted at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference in September, enabling security teams to experience the system live in action for themselves. See the GSX video on Vimeo.

For more information and to view a 3D model of the Evolv Express weapons-detection system, visit the company’s website.