Detect building issues and hot spots before they cause a problem, with FLIR’s new handheld thermal cameras

by Brianna Crandall — October 19, 2020 — Industrial technology company FLIR Systems has just announced four new additions to its Exx-Series of advanced thermal imaging cameras: the E96, E86, E76 and E54. Compared to predecessor Exx-Series cameras, the new cameras are said to offer enhanced thermal resolution for more vibrant, easy-to-read images and on-camera routing capability to improve field survey efficiency. The new Exx-Series thermal cameras are designed to help professionals detect the early signs of building issues, identify hot spots, troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems, and prevent problems before they cause damage that leads to expensive repairs.

FLIR thermal cameras

Thermal cameras can detect early signs of building issues, identify hot spots, and troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems to prevent costly damage. Image courtesy FLIR

The E96, with a 640×480 resolution and eight-times digital zoom, is the most advanced Exx-Series thermal camera to date. It delivers improved measurement results over the greatest distance to target, so professionals can safely diagnose electrical faults or locate hidden anomalies at very high temperatures up to 1500°C (2732°F), including in harsh industrial environments such as steel mills or kilns, to help keep the workplace running smoothly.

For the first time, FLIR Inspection Route is now offered as a standard feature on every Exx-Series camera and is complemented by the FLIR Thermal Studio Pro software with Route Creator plugin, sold separately as an annual subscription. The complete routing bundle enables professionals to create and export custom inspection and pre-planned routes, ideal for large or multi-location electrical or mechanical projects.

Rickard Lindvall, general manager, Solutions Business at FLIR, stated:

The new Exx-Series advanced thermal imaging cameras enable building professionals, inspectors, engineers, researchers, and facility maintenance personnel to do more than ever before with a handheld thermal camera. With improved thermal resolution and on-camera routing capabilities, the Exx Series can help our customers make better, more informed decisions to complete the job more efficiently and effectively.

The E96, E86, and E76 thermal cameras include UltraMax high-definition image enhancement technology and improved contrast with one-touch level and spanning functions to view greater image details. In addition, interchangeable AutoCal lenses offer complete coverage of near and distance targets, with the built-in laser distance meter ensuring the crisp focus needed for accurate temperature measurement, says FLIR.

The new Exx-Series thermal cameras are available globally through authorized dealers and To learn more about FLIR Systems’ entire Exx-Series line, visit the company’s website.

Through March 31, 2021, customers who purchase an Exx-Series camera will receive a free three-month Thermal Studio Pro and Route Creator trial bundle. The FLIR Thermal Studio Suite is also available separately through an annual subscription in Standard and Pro versions, while the Starter version is offered at no charge.

Founded in 1978, FLIR Systems is an industrial technology company focused on intelligent sensing solutions for defense and industrial applications worldwide. FLIR Systems’ vision is to be “The World’s Sixth Sense,” creating technologies to help professionals make more informed decisions that save lives and livelihoods.