Get the benefits of renewable power without the up-front costs, with this energy-as-a-service

by Brianna Crandall — March 5, 2021 — GreenStruxure, the joint venture between Schneider Electric and Huck Capital, and TruEnergy, a premier energy advisor that works with commercial clients to find the best electricity and gas plans throughout North America, recently announced they are teaming up to meet the immediate needs of US building owners and operators for cost-effective, resilient and sustainable energy solutions.

TruEnergy joins GreenStruxure’s alliance partner program to accelerate the deployment of GreenStruxure’s unique Energy-as-a-Service business model. Together they will address the underserved medium-sized commercial and industrial building market across the United States to provide the energy outcomes customers need with no up-front capital or operational risks.

GreenStruxure, bringing together Schneider Electric’s industry leading expertise in renewable energy microgrids and Huck Capital’s sustainability-focused investments, was launched in September 2020 to help customers address their growing cost, resilience and sustainability challenges. The company offers innovative modular, standardized renewable energy microgrids under a new Energy-as-a-Service model.

Customers have no up-front capital expenses, no risk, and do not have to worry about operation or maintenance issues with a complex energy system. They will also enjoy a predictable, long-term contract for energy that provides cost-effective, resilient, sustainable power. The new solution can be up and running in about a year, say the partners.

TruEnergy works with clients of all sizes to find the best electricity and gas plans. The company offers procurement services as well as energy efficiency, sustainability, and tax recoupment services. It currently serves over 15,000 customers throughout North America. With GreenStruxure, TruEnergy will be focusing on medium-sized building customers with demanding sustainability targets, a need for reliable power to run their business, and spend of at least $35,000/month in electricity.

Jose Lorenzo, GreenStruxure CEO, stated:

Our customers want to take control of their energy — keep their costs low and predictable, ensure they have power at critical times, and minimize their carbon footprint — and they don’t see a simple way to do this today. We’re thrilled to partner with TruEnergy to bring these customers a new solution and work alongside them every step of the way to help them meet their goals.

Zach Jeffery, TruEnergy CEO, commented:

Our promise to our customers is we’re going to make this complex thing very easy for you, and we’re going to give you better customer service than any energy broker out there. We are excited to join forces with GreenStruxure to offer our customers this new and innovative solution that gives them the energy outcomes they need.

For more information, visit the GreenStruxure or TruEnergy website.