Turn epoxy flooring, paints and textile sprays into virus-fighting surfaces with these new additives

by Brianna Crandall — May 18, 2020 — HDM Coatings Corporation, under the umbrella of HDM Global Corporation, just announced its official product launch of its all-in-one product called PurityPRO. The startup’s mission is “Embracing Global Purity,” which it plans to achieve through its patented additives, touted as safe and effective, that provide sterilizing properties against human pathogens.

HDM Coatings Corp. offers antiviral, antibacterial, anti-pest, and anti-mold additives for topcoats and textile sprays, with applications from hygienic textiles and antiviral epoxy flooring and paints to bedbug eradication and fixed mold abatement. PurityPRO is available for transportation, hospitality, industrial, commercial and residential settings.

The additive can be used to create and apply biocidal, antiviral flooring(s), including in an epoxy blend. It is engineered to keep spaces and corridors hygienic and guarded against human pathogens in such facilities as hospitals, malls, gyms, hotels, resorts, condos, shelters, schools and more.

The additive has also been used for over six years to provide fixed mold/fungus and mildew abatement, as well as in sprays. HDM Coatings Corp. developed the inorganic and insoluble additive solution with a high alkaline characteristic (pH 12.5), which combats fungi and permanently abates molds and mildews on buildings, while guarding against human pathogens.

Touted as safe enough to be approved for use as a preservative in baby foods, the additive is also used in textile coatings to eradicate germs as well as bedbugs, lice and other pests in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

HDM says the additive is verified as safe to add to a variety of coating applications, including paints, topcoats, primers, latex, varnishes and oil-based paints, when mixed in tandem with best practices to provide optimal results.

Hands-on corporate training for proper handling and application processes with specific coatings is provided directly by HDM Global Corp.’s Coating Division.

According to HDM, longitudinal as well as peer-reviewed studies and supporting evidence have demonstrated that the alkaline properties remain in the paint additive(s) for many years (up to and including seven years), protecting against an array of germs, viruses, and pathogens.

The product is also used in offset varnish inks and prints to produce safe, antiviral and biocidal business cards, legal documents, essential paperwork, art, photos, and more, as well as for transportation industry interiors.

In use by HDM’s umbrella corporation for nearly 20 years, the additive is said to eradicate pathogens, mold, fungi, and pests on treated surfaces for a guaranteed five years. It is currently being used in LiceSquad’s hair solution (touted as doctor-approved and parent- and teacher-trusted) and in HealthGuard, through Simcoe Plastics, providing safe drinking water in India. With new social health awareness, HDM Coatings Corp. says it can now bring safe and hygienic environments to the globe.

For more information on PurityPRO, visit the HDM Coatings Corp. website. The Canada-based company was founded in early 2020.