If you need to keep on top of potential trouble in your facility (chemicals, vaping/smoking, gunshots, etc.), check out this new technology

by Brianna Crandall — April 3, 2020 — IPVideo Corporation, a manufacturer of audio/video recording, passive weapons detection systems and IOT sensor technology, recently announced new product features for its HALO Internet of Things (IOT) Smart Sensor that the company planned to unveil at the ISC West security show that was postponed last month.

HALO offers several safety and security features including abnormal sound detection (gunshots, shouting, banging), chemical detection (ammonia, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide) and air quality (temperature, humidity) monitoring, as well as lighting and occupancy detection, and now vape and smoke detection.

The disruptive, multi-award-winning vape detection product has taken off the past year in response to the nationwide youth vaping epidemic. It is marketed as the only product to detect vaping with nicotine or marijuana (THC oil). The product has reportedly been exceptional at helping schools across the country combat vaping with sales in over 1000 schools in the US and has recently expanded into international markets.

New features that have been added to the prior product release built on chemical, environmental and basic audible level sensors. The new technology is expected to have a major impact on the industry and disrupt how we are notified of emergencies. In addition, privacy areas will no longer be as susceptible to security threats, says the company.

From winning multiple awards for its HALO IOT Smart Sensor in 2019 as an outstanding campus security product to winning the 2019 Most Innovative Detection/Deterrent Technology product by ASIS for its ViewScan Passive Weapons Detection system; IPVideo has been recognized numerous times for its technology.

As a complement to HALO, IPVideo Corp’s ViewScan is a safe and fast concealed weapons detection system. This completely passive system does not emit radiation and is safe for pregnant women, children and those with medical devices, says the company.

For more information on the HALO IoT Smart Sensor, visit the IPVideo Corp website.

Partner integrations for complete solutions

IPVideo Corp also planned to highlight its strategic partner integrations at ISC West — companies that have integrated HALO with their software solutions to provide a complete solution to improve school and privacy area safety.

The partner integrations include access control, video management systems (VMS), emergency notification applications, cloud VOIP, and mobility service. According to IPVideo Corp, the HALO integration into video management systems such as Milestone & Ganz Cortrol (CBC America) and access control platforms like Gallagher and AMT are expected to be a game changer for security personnel, who can now add environmental and privacy area alerts to their systems.

In addition to access control and VMS integrations, IPVideo Corporation also announced HALO software integrations with IdentifyED, Vigilance Software, and Presence Management emergency notification applications. These new integrations offer a complete solution to customers as they now have alerts for privacy areas where cameras are not allowed. Plus, the combination vape and THC detection and response system sends both web-based and mobile notification alerts in real time. Presence Management’s StaffAlerter advanced cloud-based distributed architecture design leverages HALO’s IoT technology to assure that messages for any person or group will be delivered regardless of the condition of facility power or network infrastructure.

IPVideo Corporation continues to build strategic partnerships in the security industry with best-in-breed software providers to better serve its customers.

An industry pioneer since its introduction of one of the first network-based surveillance recording solutions in 1996, Bay Shore, NY-based IPVideo Corporation develops innovative solutions that harness the power of Internet protocol (IP) video technology.  IPVideo Corp leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning through IOT products and professional services, with a client base around the world.