Replace your T8 fluorescent tube lights with or without a ballast bypass, with these dual-mode LEDs

by Brianna Crandall — May 12, 2021 — LED lighting products manufacturer LEDtronics recently announced a new lineup of next-gen, energy-efficient LED T8 Tube Lights to replace fluorescents. The series offers a Dual Mode Ballast Ready / Ballast Bypass set of tubes, as well as a Ballast Bypass Only version.

LEDtronics LED T8 Tube Lights

The energy-efficient LED T8 Tube Lights series offers a Dual Mode Ballast Ready / Ballast Bypass set of tubes, as well as a Ballast Bypass Only version. Image courtesy LEDtronics

These Ballast Bypass or Dual Mode Tubes are available with clear or frosted polycarbonate lens, and in options of 4000K, 5000K or 6000K white. They can be ideal for such applications as office lighting, hallways, parking garages, parking structure lighting, production areas, warehouses, transportation, railroads, buses, coolers, freezers, vending machines, schools, retail store display lighting, under-cabinet or cabinet lights, light boxes and signage backlighting.

The LEDtronics T8KL1 Ballast Bypass series of new T8 LED tubes comes in 2- to 6-foot lengths with directly powered G13 bases (two pins at one or both ends), while the 5¹⁄₃- and 8-foot tubes have single-pin FA8 bases. They use up to only 8 to 36 watts, depending on length, and can replace equivalent fluorescent tubes of 17 to 60 watts.

The Dual Mode (Type A+B) Ballast Ready / Ballast Bypass T8KL2 series of new T8 LED tubes is available in 3- and 4-foot lengths, all with a two-pin G13 base. They consume only 10 to 18 watts, potentially replacing equivalent fluorescent tubes of 25 to 32 watts.

In order to truly benefit from the full energy and cost savings, LEDtronics always recommends doing a simple, one-time ballast bypass when first replacing fluorescent tube lights with LED tube lights. However, the company understands the need for ballast-ready products. With the new Dual Mode tube lights, there is no need for a ballast bypass when installing. All it takes is an easy direct retrofit into an existing fluorescent T8 fixture with electronic ballast, and it is ready to go.

In addition, when the ballasts eventually go out, they can then be bypassed — no need to purchase new ballasts.

The T8KL1 and T8KL2 series LED Tube Lights have an excellent return on investment (ROI), according to LEDtronics. They offer energy savings of up to 50 percent over fluorescent equivalents and have lumen maintenance of over 70 percent at over 50,000 hours (well over five years), while conventional fluorescent lamps typically have an ideal-condition rated lab life in the range of 8,000 to 24,000 hours.

Both ETL-listed/classified series operate on 100~277VAC and are suitable for damp locations. They offer high-lumen illumination in beam angles around 120 degrees.

Constructed with an aluminum heatsink and a PC lens, the tubes have instant, full-strength light-up with no buzzing or flickering, and an even, directional distribution of light. Unlike fluorescents, they produce no ultraviolet (UV) radiation, no wireless radio frequency (RF) interference, and minimal infrared (IR).

Also, being RoHS compliant, they have no toxic mercury, and operate with a wide operating temperature range of ~-4°F to ~+131°F (-20°C to +55°C), adds the company, and their solid-state construction renders them impervious to shock, vibration and frequent switching.

LEDtronics’ LED T8 Ballast-Ready/Ballast Bypass Tube Lights come with a five-year U.S. factory warranty. Different color temperatures, tube lengths and voltages, as well as Made in USA ARRA compliance options are available for qualified volume offers. The series is available through LEDtronics distributors, and quantity discounts are available.

For more details and technical data, visit the LED T8 Tube Lights product web pages.