Keep your essential equipment and systems up and running with these surge protection devices

by Brianna Crandall — July 31, 2020 — Maxivolt, an American manufacturer of power quality equipment, has announced the release of the new and improved GuardDog line of surge protectors. The non-ground-dependent surge protective devices feature dual layers of protection, expanded monitoring and communication capabilities, and new models to cover a broad scope of applications. Eight models for protecting electrical and electronic equipment are now in production.

People and businesses rely on technology more than ever, points out Maxivolt, saying it’s absolutely essential to life as we know it. As technology becomes smarter and more interconnected, it also becomes more vulnerable to failure and malfunction. According to a landmark study conducted by IBM, 88.5% of power problems are transient voltage (power surge) related. The repercussions can be as simple as electronic malfunction or as detrimental as losing critical safety or production equipment. Our dependence on technology combined with its inherent vulnerabilities and the consequences of it not operating properly make protecting it more important than ever, says the company.

Maxivolt surge protectors (shown: WRG-700P)

Maxivolt surge protectors (shown: WRG-700P) protect almost anything electric: industrial equipment, lighting systems, HVAC systems, computers, pumps, motors, drives. Image courtesy Maxivolt

GuardDog surge protective devices provide reliable protection against transient voltage and other power anomalies. Unique to these surge protectors is a dual-layered approach to protection.

According to James Moellmann, Maxivolt’s VP of Technology:

It’s a redundant product. It has two forms of protection, both primary and secondary. So, if the primary trips, you automatically have that second layer in place.

Other distinctive characteristics include a non-ground-dependent design, integrated safety fusing, and clamping voltages coordinated with the immunity of the equipment being protected. This is a technical way of saying they turn on and safely suppress voltage surges before they cause problems, explains the company.

SenseTech monitoring and communication options in GuardDog products provide a variety of ways to verify protection is active.

Moellmann continued:

These products are very good at giving a visual representation. This gives you the ability to see, in a glance, what it’s doing and how it’s performing. Additionally, this product gives clients an interface for communication. We have audible, visual, and remote notification capabilities that easily integrate with other systems.

GuardDog devices are typically installed adjacent to an electrical panel indoors or outdoors and can be deployed to protect practically anything that runs on electricity. Common applications include industrial facilities and equipment, residential and commercial buildings, lighting systems, HVAC systems, computers, pumps, motors, and drives.

For more information about GuardDog surge protectors, as well as product photos and videos, visit the Maxivolt website.