See how you can build a safe, resilient return-to-work environment with these low-cost, easy-to-deploy smart facilities solutions

by Brianna Crandall — September 28, 2020 — Microshare, a pioneer in workplace and smart facilities data capabilities, has signed a global sales and system integration alliance with information technology (IT) infrastructure services company Microland. Through this partnership, Microland will provide solutions for businesses, governments and other institutions seeking to return to work safely amid the global pandemic.

Under this agreement, Microland will provide solutions to customers globally leveraging Microshare’s Internet of Things (IoT) Clean = Safe solutions, which include Universal Contact Tracing, Occupancy Monitoring, Predictive Cleaning and other capabilities designed to build resilience in corporate and government property portfolios.

Microland Microshare smart facilities solution partnership - screenshot

Smart facilities solutions include Universal Contact Tracing, Occupancy Monitoring, Predictive Cleaning and other capabilities that build resilience. Image courtesy Microland

Karthikeyan Krishnan, senior vice president and Geo head — EMEA, Microland, stated:

In these unprecedented times enterprises are looking for intrusion-free, low-cost and easy to deploy solutions.  We are very pleased to partner with Microshare to deliver contactless smart solutions that leverage IoT and advanced analytics to enterprises wanting to ensure a safe and comfortable back-to-work environment for their employees.  Microland seeks to transform the operations of the world’s largest corporations and public institutions with digital twinning “sensing-as-a-service” solutions for the post-pandemic world.

Manjanath Nayak, senior vice president — US Customer Success and Global head of IIoT, Microland, added:

Post the COVID-19 pandemic, getting the workforce and facilities safely back into production will require a comprehensive and scalable approach. This strategic partnership will bring to bear joint solutions that will recalibrate workspaces with infusion of next-generation technologies.  Microland intends to combine Microshare’s capabilities with its IT infrastructure and IIoT expertise to deliver holistic solutions to its customers.

Ron Rock, co-founder and chief executive officer of Microshare, remarked:

No one knows precisely what the “new normal” will entail. What we do know is that it is no longer acceptable to treat a facility filled with people — whether they’re staff, tenants, residents or customers — as simply an inert, brick-and-mortar entity. Together, Microshare and Microland create the data that transforms these facilities into living, breathing assets, complete with the vital signs that tell facilities managers what is going on within their walls.

The demand for Microshare’s Smart Facilities solutions, which help to secure staff, customers and tenants, has grown rapidly since the emergence of the COVID-19 virus in Q1 2020.  Both Microshare and Microland believe a comprehensive approach to building wellness solutions will address their clients’ immediate concerns about safety, liability and corporate responsibility, and help them build resilience and sustainability for the long run.

Rock added:

The global nature of the challenge facing businesses, governments and others who operate commercial real estate right now demands that we seek maximum scale and reach in Microshare’s commercial relationships. We have prioritized a disruptive, quick-to-deploy solution set that can be easily tailored for the needs of a world eager to get back to work, whether they’re commercial offices, college campuses, hospitals or factories. We feel like Microland is perfectly situated to help get these capabilities deployed around the world.

Microland says its delivery of digital and “Making Digital Happen” allows technology to do more and intrude less, and makes it easier for enterprises to adopt next-gen digital infrastructure. The company enables this using its expertise in cloud and data centers, networks, digital workplace, cybersecurity and industrial IoT (IIoT) — “ensuring the embrace of brilliance is predictable, reliable, and stable.”

Microshare and its resellers provide “sensing-as-a-service” and digital twin capabilities for multinational clients in commercial real estate, healthcare, manufacturing and other sectors. The company’s Clean=Safe suite of smart facilities solutions use carefully curated IoT data to reveal previously hidden insights on the safety, efficiency and sustainability of their facilities. Microshare is a member of the LoRa Alliance.