See how this technology can detect face masks, fevers and overcrowding to support your “new normal”

by Brianna Crandall — July 27, 2020 — The world has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many new challenges and regulations, points out Germany-based Mobotix, a global manufacturer of intelligent internet protocol (IP) video systems. Mobotix’s intelligent video technology can support companies, institutions, public and private facilities during the crisis and in the restart after the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Mobotix has bundled its available “back-on-track video technology solutions” for its partners and customers to help get them up and running quickly and effectively as they reopen their facilities. This makes it easier for industries and sectors such as retail, restaurants, airports, train stations, municipalities, industrial, service companies and educational institutions to get back on track.

Mobotix automates the “back-to-business restart” with professional analysis and thermal imaging technology, with an array of optional apps in the latest Mobotix 7 generation cameras and specially developed add-on solutions from Mobotix’s global Partner Community. The hardware and software of Mobotix can be adapted and converted at any time for numerous alternative industry-specific tasks, with effective cybersecurity.

Versatile support from Mobotix for restarting everyday life

Mobotix video technology can be used to detect face masks

Among other applications, Mobotix video technology features mask detection and warnings in cases of noncompliance, including preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas. Image courtesy Mobotix

Mobotix CEO Thomas Lausten remarked:

Only the consistent adherence to rules and regulations will drive further improvements in this pandemic. By doing so we will hopefully move together successfully towards “normal life and work.”  It is a good feeling when we can support and accelerate this with our technology.

Automatic people counting and recording

In many shops, schools and public buildings there are updated capacity limits for the number of visitors, customers or employees. To determine the current numbers, all entrances and exits must be checked. Mobotix video technology can do this reliably, automatically, and effectively — without the need for additional personnel. An entrance control system can be installed indoors or outdoors, for example, using a traffic light system or an automatic door control system. The Mobotix video analysis technology also allows the cumulative recording of the current number of people in complex and multistory buildings using all cameras installed at the entrances and exits.

Supporting social distancing

Mobotix technology can also provide support for “social distancing,” which describes the observance of minimum distances (usually six feet) and is intended to reduce the risk of infection from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The technology does not monitor whether the minimum distance is maintained in all areas, but rather checks whether it could be maintained in general within heavily frequented areas. For example, video technology can detect overcrowding — e.g. in waiting areas or at checkouts — and resolve it by means of visual and acoustic warnings.

Face mask detection

The capacity and crowding of people are not the only concerns, of course. In many public areas, face masks are also required to be worn for proper protection. Partner solutions that rely on Mobotix technology can detect when face masks are worn and trigger alarms or warnings if violations occur. This can be especially helpful for sensitive zones, such as sterile zones in hospitals and nursing homes, to be better monitored and protected.

Recognizing temperature abnormalities

Mobotix TR (Thermal Radiometry) technology makes it possible to measure thermal radiation — even from people. Although Mobotix thermal technology does not replace medical devices, it can help analyze critical situations and provide an alert to the need for further follow-up measures. It allows anomalies to be detected and reported. Identified persons can then be subjected to further examination and referred to medical personnel.

Lausten added:

Our technology helps customers not only in times of crisis. Mobotix video security systems are valuable to our customers well beyond the crisis. The high-end video systems can be used, adapted or converted at any time for numerous additional and new industry-specific tasks. Our intelligent solutions cover much more than just security applications. For example, they offer outstanding potential in process optimization or improving a service organization. The investment in Mobotix video technology is and remains future-proof.

For more information, visit the Back on Track page on the Mobotix website. The Langmeil, Germany-based company also has sales offices located in New York, Dubai, Sydney, Paris and Madrid, with customers worldwide.