Protect occupants by automatically screening for fevers upon entry with Motorola’s thermal camera and analytics

by Brianna Crandall — September 4, 2020 — Communications and security technology provider Motorola Solutions has just announced the availability of the newest addition to its video security and analytics portfolio, the Avigilon H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection (ETD) solution. The H4 Thermal ETD solution is a pre-screening solution that can be used to detect indications of a body fever in a person as businesses reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns.

Avigilon H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection camera to detect fever

The Avigilon H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection solution combines an infrared-spectrum thermal camera and edge-based analytics for contactless fever screening. Image courtesy Motorola Solutions

John Kedzierski, senior vice president, Video Security and Analytics, at Motorola Solutions, stated:

By screening for indicators of an elevated body temperature at an entry point, we are helping businesses protect their teams’ health and well-being. During these times of uncertainty, our technology can provide insights that help our customers better manage their operations and deliver on business outcomes more safely.

The H4 Thermal ETD solution is composed of an infrared-spectrum thermal camera and features edge-based analytics to provide a contactless alternative to traditional screening methods.

The introduction of the H4 EDT solution is a part of Motorola Solutions’ suite of analytics designed to support organizations as they explore options to return safely back into offices or facilities. These offerings focus on the key elements of safety and security around the coronavirus, including prevention, protection and response, and embrace Motorola Solutions’ commitment to the responsible use of analytics, as well as individual privacy rights.

The Avigilon H4 Thermal ETD solution is now available in the United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, European Union, Middle East, Brazil, Bermuda and South Africa. For more information, visit the Avigilon website. Avigilon is a brand of Motorola Solutions. Motorola Solutions provides technology platforms in mission-critical communications, command center software, video security and analytics, bolstered by managed and support services.