Consumer and worker expectations of cleanliness have soared, making “clean” a business imperative

by Brianna Crandall — August 30, 2021 — People are taking vacations. Businesses are reopening. But is everything back to the “old normal?” Definitely not, says NanoTouch Materials, provider of NanoSeptic brand continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Consumers remain vigilant about their health, and the expectations they have of businesses are high. “Clean” is now a competitive edge.

In May of 2021, NanoSeptic sponsored a questionnaire in partnership with Brand Federation that surveyed 500 U.S. consumers to better understand current perspectives of clean and awareness of cleaning technologies. Exponential awareness, a new vigilance, and higher expectations of businesses were among the findings.

The company notes that this information is vitally important for businesses, particularly ones preparing to reopen, in order to get at the heart of what consumers and returning workers want. The key findings are highlighted below.

How consumers are redefining “clean” as the U.S. reopens

1/ Consumer awareness of “clean” has increased exponentially

NanoSeptic asked consumers to describe their awareness of cleanliness of public spaces. People’s awareness of clean has shifted significantly, with 82% much or somewhat more aware.

2/ Consumers are more vigilant about cleanliness than ever

The public is not only more vigilant and aware, but their behavior has also changed. Avoiding essential surfaces, such as door handles, toilet flushes, and safety railings has become the norm.

3/ Clean is a competitive advantage

If businesses want to survive, it is critical that they go above and beyond to make their spaces feel clean. A full 41% said they feel cared about when businesses prioritize cleanliness, and 40% are more likely to support businesses that take extra steps to be clean.

4/ Consumers want proof of cleanliness

Lack of visible dirt and clutter are no longer the driver of America’s perception of clean — active cleaning procedures are the most potent signals of cleanliness and safety. The majority of Americans are more likely to support businesses that have implemented cleaning technologies.

To those surveyed, public space feels the cleanest and safest when they see attendants actively cleaning; they see active technology such as self-cleaning surfaces or air filters; there is evidence of sterilization; there is signage indicating cleaning protocols; it smells fresh; there are few people in sight; and it is free of harsh chemicals, visible dirt and clutter.

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