These self-cleaning handle wraps will reassure occupants — and new adhesive improves sticking and peeling

by Brianna Crandall — May 17, 2021 — NanoTouch Materials, a US-based provider of self-cleaning wraps and mats engineered to transform dirty, high-traffic touchpoints into continuously self-cleaning surfaces, recently announced a more effective adhesive for its wraps as well as an expansion to its facilities, reflecting today’s companies’ increased commitment to provide safe and healthy building interiors.

New adhesive

NanoTouch Materials says it has reformulated the adhesive on its peel-and-stick handle wraps and skins, and the feedback during testing has been excellent. Therefore, all of the company’s adhesive-backed products now feature this new adhesive.

NanoSeptic self-cleaning wrap

New adhesive helps the self-cleaning wraps stay in place even better and come off easier on metal, glass or wood door handles and other touchpoints. Image courtesy NanoTouch

NanoTouch points out that this is particularly good news for facilities that have door handles and other surfaces that are made from different materials. So, whether you have metal, glass or wood touchpoints, these wraps will stay safely in place under high usage, and they’ll be easy to replace when needed. Meanwhile, the wraps will keep working 24/7 to provide a cleaner environment for employees, clients and guests.

Facilities expansion

NanoTouch Materials also announced that the company is undertaking continued expansion that will triple its production space to accommodate greater production capacity and additional employees in the New London Technology Park.

NanoTouch HQ

NanoTouch Materials is in the process of doubling its current building footprint for its headquarters in Forest, VA. Image courtesy NanoTouch

NanoTouch Materials, founded in 2012, moved into its current headquarters in Forest, Virginia, in the fall of 2018. As demand for its pioneering line of products — NanoSeptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces — has grown over the past year, NanoTouch began its expansion in 2020 and is expecting a June 1, 2021, completion.

With this expansion, the firm plans to duplicate its existing set of advanced manufacturing equipment that automates the fabrication process and dramatically expand shipping operations. The new space also paves the way for adding production employees and expanding the executive management team.

Dennis Hackemeyer, cofounder of NanoTouch Materials, remarked:

We’re excited about increasing the reach of our nontoxic, environmentally friendly and continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Facility owners and managers are under tremendous pressure to create cleaner spaces and instill confidence. It’s our priority to support their mission.

NanoSeptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces are used in medical, hospitality, healthcare, corporate, sports, education, commercial cleaning and facilities management (FM) across the globe. The nontoxic surfaces are engineered to transform dirty, high-traffic touchpoints into continuously self-cleaning surfaces by using nanocrystal technology that creates a powerful oxidation when exposed to any visible light.

NanoSeptic self-cleaning wrap applications

NanoSeptic self-cleaning wrap applications. Image courtesy NanoTouch Materials

Hackemeyer added:

This expansion allows us to fully support our exponential business growth to provide the same excellent products and service for new customers as we do for existing ones, like the top commercial real estate service providers, nearly 30 leading pharmaceutical companies and all the major hotel chains, cruise lines and professional sports leagues.

For more information about the award-winning company’s self-cleaning products, visit the NanoTouch Materials website.