NeoCon 2017: Read how Milliken’s new modular carpet can stop mold and mildew before they start

by Brianna Crandall — July 3, 2017 — Global flooring solutions provider Milliken says it redefines the role of interior flooring through three new collections debuted at NeoCon 2017 in June: the Encryption modular carpet collection and two new LVT (luxury vinyl tile) collections, Shift and District. Milliken says the collections show how specifically designed building materials can help solve industry issues such as flooring failure and moisture management, and eliminate health concerns such as mold and mildew growth and poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Mark Strohmaier, vice president of marketing for the Milliken Floor Covering division, stated:

At Milliken, our innovations invite a discussion of how a traditional building material can move beyond surface-level aesthetics. At NeoCon 2017, we’re debuting a portfolio of true flooring solutions for building interiors that set new expectations for the use of flooring in design and functional problem-solving.

Encryption modular carpet collection

A convergence of the real and the virtual, Encryption explores the increasingly blurred line between people and technology. The emerging aesthetic forms the foundation for commercial environments where technology enhances the form and function of our lives. Milliken Senior Designer Susan FitzGerald layered pixelated color blocks, interplaying shadow and highlights, to provide structure for the floor that is both familiar and novel.

Encryption modular carpet

Designed with our relationship with technology in mind, Encryption is constructed with built-in, PVC-free open-cell cushion backing engineered to eliminate the conditions required for mold and mildew growth.

Digital texture is encoded and revealed through a pseudo-random pattern for an elevated level of dimensionality, with intricate layers of colors achieved through Milliken’s advanced high-definition Digital Dye Injection (DDI) technology. Two complementary patterns in 20 color options and 25 cm x 1 m plank carpet tiles can be used in conjunction or stand alone as field flooring. Block Code is a bold and specific medium-scale graphic, and Linear Code, a micro-scale, serves as a texture.

Moisture management

Strohmaier shared:

A product’s functionality is key to its influence in interior environments. Encryption invites a discussion of how an existing building material, such as modular carpet, can solve relevant issues for the A&D industry through its very construction. By eliminating the health and well-being concerns introduced by subfloor moisture — such as mold and mildew — Encryption is not only a design solution for flooring but a forward-thinking solution to future building issues.

Facilities managers (FMs) concerned with moisture management should note that Encryption is constructed with built-in, PVC-free open-cell cushion backing unique to Milliken — and standard with all Milliken modular carpet collections. Milliken says its open-cell cushion backing offers a myriad of benefits and supports current workplace trends by:

  • Solving the root cause of flooring failure
  • Eliminating the conditions required for mold and mildew growth
  • Helping to create spaces that enhance occupant well-being through improved IAQ
  • Extending the lifespan up to 40 percent more than other carpets
  • Enhancing comfort underfoot, which reduces muscle fatigue up to 24 percent for sit-to-stand workers
  • Allowing architects and designers to deliver flooring aesthetics that have guaranteed lifetime

Subfloor moisture is an estimated $1 billion issue and a leading cause of flooring failure, reminds the company. It is a result of rising water tables and/or improperly cured concrete subfloors — issues that often arise when trying to meet tight project deadlines. Encryption manages subfloor moisture through the simplest way: its construction. Water vapor wicks up through the tile seams before pooling into damaging liquid water. This wicking helps to eliminate the need for costly subfloor prep and moisture mitigation solutions, speed up project timelines, and reduce cost.

As proof of performance, Encryption carries 14 lifetime warranties, which don’t require costly moisture testing and validation preparation in buildings where subfloor moisture is a concern.


Milliken says Encryption’s eco-friendly attributes are a result of the 150-plus-year-old company’s longstanding holistic approach to sustainability, and offer numerous environmental and occupant-driven benefits. The collection contributes to LEEDv4, WELL Building Standard and other green certifications.

Encryption is:

  • Constructed with Milliken-Certified WearOn nylon type 6,6 and 39.3 percent total recycled content to minimize raw materials consumption without compromising performance
  • Free of all 21 Red List Chemicals with a Red List Compliant Declare label
  • Available with TractionBack bio-based, adhesive-free installation technology, which reduces or eliminates volatile organic compound (VOC) off-gassing
  • Produced using up to 51 percent renewable energy derived from methane harvested from the local landfill
  • Manufactured with zero process waste sent to landfill — a 25-year Milliken achievement

Shift and District luxury vinyl tile (LVT) collections


Inspired by the beauty of change, and how technology and design shape our everyday lives, Milliken’s Shift LVT collection brings a contemporary sense of movement to the floor. Shifting lines in a subtle gradation of neutrals create an undulating ebb and flow when installed monolithically, while plank installations provide a dramatic contrast.

Shift LVT collection

Milliken’s Shift LVT collection brings a contemporary sense of movement to the floor. The collection carries a Declare label for material transparency.

Available in 18” x 36” plank tiles and four gray colorways with a micro-beveled edge, the collection carries a Declare label for material transparency and is FloorScore certified for IAQ.


The District LVT collection reflects a city’s diverse communities; each district’s rhythm and culture results in a symphony of sounds, architecture and activity — ultimately giving a city its voice.

District LVT collection

The District LVT collection reflects a city’s diverse communities. The collection is FloorScore certified for indoor air quality.

The District collection is a kit-of-parts with multiple scales and pattern types, which allow flexibility throughout a commercial project. Five patterns — Arts Avenue, Franklin Park, Graduate, Midtown Village and Old City — use a range of small- and large-scale texture and graphics. All patterns share four color families for coordination when combining products in a single space. By using Milliken’s online Color Reference System, you can also pair District with Milliken soft surfaces to strike a complementary balance.

Each pattern is available in 18” x 18”, 36” x 36” and 9” x 36” plank tiles. The collection carries a Declare label for material transparency and is FloorScore certified for indoor air quality.

Find out more information about Milliken’s NeoCon 2017 product introductions on the company’s Web site.