For a no-contact way to take temperatures and track the results, check out this efficient way to process returning employees

by Brianna Crandall — August 5, 2020 — OnLogic, a global industrial and internet of things (IoT) computer hardware manufacturer, recently announced its Helix Series of industrial computers, ultra-compact computers that provide the connectivity, fanless cooling and processing power needed to solve complex computing challenges — including how to bring employees back to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

OnLogic Helix Series fanless industrial computers

Helix Series fanless industrial computers do double duty tracking fevers to help bring employees back to work safely as buildings reopen. Image courtesy OnLogic

OnLogic’s advanced computers are being used to identify individuals who have a temperature and alert them before they potentially spread COVID-19 or another disease to the rest of the building. With OnLogic’s line of industrial, fanless computers installed in office buildings, retail spaces or other facilities, no direct contact, operator, or invasive thermometer is needed to get an individual’s temperature.

Utilizing a thermal camera connected to the OnLogic computer, the system processes the information provided by the thermal camera and displays it on the screen for the user. The computer can also be programmed to provide alerts for temperatures out of acceptable range.

Built for the future of manufacturing automation or any edge-computing project that demands reliable performance, the Helix Series is now available for users in edge computing, industrial IoT, smart city, smart factory, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation applications. Powered by Intel’s latest 10th-generation processors, the Helix Series includes both a small form factor fanless system (HX500), and a unique “hybrid fanless” system (HX600) that can be configured with discrete graphics processing units (GPUs), additional storage, and input/output (I/O) or expansion cards.

JP Ishaq, head of Product Management at OnLogic, remarked:

Edge computing has emerged as the ideal middle ground between the power of the cloud and the efficiency and accessibility of on-site data gathering and processing. The Helix Series combines our team’s years of experience in industrial computing with Intel’s latest CPU technology to create a pair of systems that have the power, connectivity and configurability to be the ultimate “single platform for everything” in our customers’ factory, products or project.

Unlike most fanless systems, Helix is not limited to a lower wattage mobile central processing unit (CPU), thanks to its unique passively cooled chassis design that allows the system to be configured with up to an Intel Core i9 processor. The Helix Series also features extended operating temperature ranges, triple independent display support and more.

The Helix 500 and 600 can also be configured with a range of Windows operating systems or Ubuntu Linux, and OnLogic plans to add imaging options for many of their software partners in the future.

Standing less than two inches tall and with a footprint the size of a notebook, Helix 500 packs the performance and connectivity for advanced edge computing applications in a compact system. With its small size, high performance and versatile connectivity, the system is suitable for industrial control applications, manufacturing automation or any edge computing project that demands reliable performance in challenging or space-constrained environments.

The expanded feature set of the Helix 600 makes it suitable for machine vision, AI, advanced industrial or manufacturing control and any advanced computing application that requires specialized connectivity, image or video processing.

For additional specs, see the Helix by OnLogic product page.