Plastpro launches line of trimmable fiberglass doors

by Rebecca Walker — January 19, 2009—Plastpro, Inc., a leading supplier of fiberglass doors and home products in the United States, today announced the launch of its first line of Trimmable Doors.

The doors feature Trimmable 1 inch stiles on each side, as well as a half-inch top rail and a 1.5 inch bottom rail inside the door’s reinforced fiberglass skin. As with all of Plastpro’s products, the Trimmable Doors utilize the company’s exclusive Hydroshield Technology, which eliminates water infiltration and prevents rotting and warping.

“Being able to adjust the height or width of the door and cut-to-size at the point of installation is a major benefit,” said Franco An, president of Plastpro, Inc. “It allows contractors, remodelers, and builders to fit an existing doorway with precision and avoid having to reconstruct the entryway.”

An noted that remodelers are often faced with situations where they are forced to either completely reconstruct the framing of the entryway, or resize doors in a way that compromises their strength and integrity.

“Our research and development team has created a unique product that can adapt without compromising quality,” said An. “Because the Trimmable Door has added stiles and rails that can be cut, adjustments of up to 2 inches do not affect the door’s overall strength or ability to withstand impact.”

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