“Reboot” your workplace safely with Deloitte’s customized tools and services

by Brianna Crandall — July 13, 2020 — Global financial and consulting services firm Deloitte is introducing a strategic approach to help organizations achieve a safe, secure and productive “reboot” of operations, including both physical and virtual workplaces, as they transition from response mode and move toward increased productivity and recovery from the pandemic.

Deloitte’s Reboot model is employee-centric to help organizations manage between health, safety and financial concerns. Empathy and listening are at the core of Deloitte’s Reboot approach for employers, designed to build confidence and trust among their employees and to give them choices to opt in and be heard as operations resume.

In a May 18, 2020, Deloitte online poll of more than 1,100 business professionals, half of respondents noted that their definition of “reboot” was either getting their workforce back onsite or enhancing the productivity of virtual work. More than 40% of these same respondents noted “safety” as their primary objective over other such priorities spanning sales delivery, operational execution and financial stability.

Jonathan Pearce, principal, Deloitte Consulting and leader of Deloitte’s Workforce Strategy practice, stated:

In the “next normal,” there is no silver bullet for recovery. Because every organization is different and the path forward will not be linear, employers need a flexible reboot approach that lets them dial components up and down at various moments along the journey. New information about public health risks and employee concerns will require employers to adjust their plans while staying the course to recovery.

Deloitte’s approach evaluates each organization’s distinct circumstances, ranging from macro conditions such as health, industry and regulatory mandates, to micro conditions like facilities, infrastructure and individual worker preferences and requirements. The plan then establishes phases and work scenarios for individual teams and employees, along with monitoring and safety protocols tailored to each of those scenarios.

Deloitte’s Reboot catalog of tools helps companies create a personalized journey for employees as organizations navigate timing, readiness and how to reboot, and, ultimately spur recovery.

Deloitte’s extensive set of assets includes:

  • A command center;
  • Data and insights;
  • A comprehensive back-to-work platform; and
  • Regulatory and compliance applications.

These resources span:

  • Risk prediction and mitigation;
  • Crisis response management and recalibration;
  • Supply chain disruption sensing and intelligence; and
  • Monitoring and insights into regulatory requirements.

Three key components in Deloitte’s Reboot approach that are tailored to an organization’s workforce, team and individual requirements include:

  • Workforce Reboot Analytics: When to reopen physical sites, what functions to prioritize; workforce readiness; workplace suitability, capacity and reconfiguration; and predicting health and infection risks are among the factors employers will have to assess in the reboot phase. Deloitte’s Workforce Reboot Analytics tools deliver the sensing and modeling capabilities to build a strategic plan for workplace operations and recalibrate it to changing conditions.
  • MyPath to Work: A comprehensive, modular technology solution, MyPath to Work prepares organizations to manage new health risks to confidently reboot their workplaces. With a combination of tightly integrated Deloitte and third-party technology and services, MyPath to Work is designed to enable enhanced workplace safety protocols such as screening and testing; visibility into risk factors; efficient and targeted interventions; and employee support, going well beyond standard contact tracing. MyPath to Work supports, engages, and empowers employees, contractors and customers throughout the reboot journey — all configured to the specific needs of each organization.
  • GovConnect: For government clients, Deloitte’s GovConnect offers a range of capabilities — contact tracing; interactive business engagement; CRM; case management, call center infrastructure, testing strategy, personal protective equipment (PPE) inventory management; disease surveillance; immunization and vaccine management; and advanced analytics — also in a modular solution. GovConnect also includes mobile capabilities to allow for integration across employers, employees, visitors, contractors and campuses.

Asif Dhar, M.D., principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and chief health informatics officer, remarked:

An organization’s path to resilient recovery largely depends on how effectively it prioritizes and responds to the health and safety of its people. Tools like MyPath to Work and GovConnect enable employers to manage health risks specific to different job requirements, physical environments and geographical locations. Further, MyPath to Work and GovConnect take the technical capabilities required for precision and agility and personalize them for both the individual and organization’s journeys.

Why this matters

Gopi Billa, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and leader of Deloitte’s Market Sensing and Scenario Planning offering, pointed out:

Reboot does not assume that plans are a “return to the way things were.” With this in mind, employers should embrace a human-centric and “opt-in” approach whenever possible vs. one that leads with corporate mandates. Employee health and safety are paramount to any plan to return an organization to operational effectiveness. Empowered employees reside at the heart of any return-to-work initiative.

Deloitte’s pandemic response plan helps organizations prepare for a resilient recovery and incorporates a three-phased approach: Respond, Recover and Thrive. Reboot is the critical gateway between the Respond and Recover phases, explains the firm.

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