Swamped by “new normal” mandates? Let Rentokil take care of your pest control with these remote monitoring systems

by Brianna Crandall — August 12, 2020 — The overall landscape of business operations has changed dramatically since the onslaught of COVID-19 in the United States. With additional responsibilities to meet safety mandates as buildings reopen in the “new normal,” and fewer resources to do it with, business leaders are faced with many decisions, including the essential service of pest control.

In light of these concerns, global pest control provider Rentokil has redesigned the approach to integrated pest control for businesses with PestConnect, a portfolio of remote digital monitoring systems to increase efficiency and reduce pest disruption in businesses.

PestConnect features remote digital monitoring of devices for 24/7 protection against rodents and other unwanted pests on the interior and exterior of facilities.

PestConnect pest control technology

Using infrared beams and sensor technology, the PestConnect devices send an alert to the Rentokil Command Center as soon as the device detects activity, in order to ensure a rapid response. Image courtesy Rentokil

Using infrared beams and sensor technology, the PestConnect devices send an alert to the Rentokil Command Center as soon as the device detects activity, in order to ensure a rapid response. Once triggered, the Rentokil specialist will respond to the exact location of the problem, increasing efficiency and reducing both time and personal contact.

John Myers, Rentokil president and CEO, stated:

Ineffective pest control costs businesses millions of dollars each year. By combining the power of technology and data with expert pest control, PestConnect is more responsive, efficient and effective. Plus, it’s an ideal, reduced-contact solution for businesses facing new challenges in the age of coronavirus.

Traditional pest control operates on a routine service schedule, allowing gaps during which rodent problems can occur, unnoticed by anyone. In between those services, the potential rodent problems can develop into infestations. For example, rats can reproduce in less than a month and have up to 12 pups at a time. With PestConnect, as soon as a device detects activity, an appointment will be set up to mitigate any risk to the business.

Rentokil PestConnect pest control infographic

Infographic courtesy Rentokil

The robust data produced from PestConnect devices allows the Rentokil specialist to continually optimize the pest control program for the facility as well as identify areas for improvement in the business. PestConnect devices only track pest activity, and no cameras or microphones record the environment. The system operates on its own network, separate from wifi and phone lines, and all data is encrypted.

Myers pointed out:

We live in a data-driven world. We can now effectively track when and where a rodent entered the area, and use the data for immediate identification of a potential problem. Over time, the data gathered allows us to refine and optimize each business’ program to provide a quicker service with less disruption of the daily operations.

With an increased awareness of hygiene and safety during the time of COVID-19, the PestConnect technology allows the specialist to limit contact in the facility and only address devices with recorded activity and in the surrounding area. The targeted response reduces the contact needed on the property from the specialists.

For more information on the PestConnect system, visit the Rentokil website.

Disinfection Service

In March, Rentokil also added a new Disinfection Service to meet the growing need of disinfection in businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Disinfection Service is designed to protect employees and customers from the transmission of viruses, bacteria and fungi and to help businesses maintain the highest level of hygiene during this time of increased concern for public health.

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