Finally, a hands-free door handle retrofit that doesn’t break the bank

by Brianna Crandall — April 23, 2021 — With nothing to grip or twist, the “ancient and ubiquitous” door handle has finally evolved, says Buss Innovations. Amid the global health pandemic that calls out door handles in public places as having the potential to help spread disease, the Restroom UP LoK is a completely new locking door handle technology that features total hands-free operation.

Eight years in development, the innovative concept reportedly yields many of the sanitary benefits of a motorized door operator at a fraction of the cost. The Canadian-made device sets a higher standard for low-touch door hardware at a time when better public health practices are critical in restarting the economy.

Restroom UP LoK door handles in use

With hands-free operation and an occupancy indicator, this door handle is a low-tech, low-cost, low-touch and low-maintenance alternative to motorized doors. Image courtesy Buss Innovations

The need for the separation of hands and handles is evidenced by research that reveals — to no surprise — that most restroom visitors prioritize a hands-free interaction with all standard fixtures. For single-user restrooms, this means total avoidance of the dreaded door handle.

Another concern, largely ignored by the door hardware industry according to Buss, is the need to create privacy with confidence. Most traditional privacy locks offer no clue as to the occupancy of the room. The Restroom UP LoK has an integrated locked status indicator on both sides of the door, said to be another industry first, where both the occupant and those waiting outside don’t have to guess.

Restroom UP LoK door handle

The Restroom UP LoK is designed to easily retrofit on all standard-sized doors with 161 cylindrical lock preparation. Image courtesy Buss Innovations

At the heart of these two important issues is the need for a low-tech, low-cost, low-touch and low-maintenance alternative to the high-tech, high-cost, high-maintenance motorized door operator. A sleeved arm is sufficient to operate the handle.

The Restroom UP LoK is comprised of only seven simple parts and is engineered to easily retrofit on all standard-sized doors with 161 cylindrical lock preparation. Charting a new path for the way we interact with doors in public spaces, the device pairs a no-compromise solid materials selection with CNC manufacturing methods. The lock has passed Grade 1 cycle testing standards, says the company.

Buss Innovations points out that the public has been demanding an alternative to touching restroom door handles for many years — long before Covid-19, and building facilities managers now have an easy solution to meet this reasonable demand.

For more information about the Restroom UP LoK, visit the company’s website.