See how mobile security robots can be used to provide situational awareness for pandemic first responders

by Brianna Crandall — April 10, 2020 — Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions just announced that Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), its wholly owned subsidiary, previously premiered its first prototype Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer (ROAMEO) mobile security robot at one of its Fortune 100 partners’ annual first responder COVID-19 pandemic-type series of exercises.

RAD's ROAMEO mobile security robot

Suitable to patrol on any typical surface, ROAMEO’s ability to provide situational awareness, remote monitoring, autonomous and manual response can relieve humans from attending a crisis. Image courtesy RAD

RAD participated in a simulation of how to handle a viral outbreak crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic in a public place, in this case an airport. RAD’s ability to provide situational awareness, remote monitoring, autonomous and manual response was able to relieve humans from attending the crisis and either contributing to or contracting the infectious viral threat that the scenario was trying to protect against, such as in the current coronavirus environment.

Steve Reinharz president and CEO of RAD, remarked:

RAD’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven robotic solutions are perfectly suited to reduce human intervention in situations of a pandemic such as the existing COVID-19 viral outbreak crisis. By having a greater number of RAD units deployed, an organization can reduce its number of security personnel, thereby reducing the spread of a contagion and risk of infection, or, in a situation such as COVID-19, provide seamless security monitoring without the need of personnel.

RAD’s demonstration included using its AI to send an alert if possible patients left the processing facility without authorization, so as to reduce the risk of infection and viral spreading.


RAD’s first outdoor autonomous mobile security robot complements its existing line of robots. Durable enough to handle just about any site and equipped with smart tools to aid you in protecting and enhancing your property, ROAMEO includes RAD’s advanced Human and Vehicle Detection analytics and seamless integration to the full-featured RAD Software Suite, which includes RADSOC, RADPMC, RADSight, and RADGuard.

ROAMEO is suitable to patrol on any typical surface including uneven/cracked asphalt/concrete, crushed rock up to 10″ diameter, grass, dirt and snow (all within certain limits). Advanced technologies will be rolled out throughout the year, and Phase 1 customers will receive special custom software development.

For more information on the ROAMEO mobile security robot, visit the RAD website. RAD has created an AI-driven platform of hardware, software, cloudware and mobileware that empowers organizations to save significant money while improving performance of critical business functions. By bringing intelligent autonomy to high-frequency business tasks in security and general operations, RAD supports existing staff to be more efficient and focused on core business objectives, and helps organizations streamline operations, increase ROI and strengthen resiliency.