This high-capacity foot-operated station not only pumps hand sanitizer but also promotes your brand

by Brianna Crandall — March 24, 2021 — Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for hand-sanitizing products is at an all-time high, leaving the industry scrambling to procure sanitizer stations to address the need. Some experts predict that many safety measures, like hand sanitizing in public spaces, are here to stay or will at least continue for the foreseeable future. SafeGuard Health Solutions aims to help meet this need with the introduction of the XtraSafe Hand Sanitizing System.

SafeGuard XtraSafe and-sanitizing system

The durable, virtually maintenance-free XtraSafe hand-sanitizing system is operated by a foot pump and does double duty for brand messaging. Image courtesy SafeGuard

While some manufacturers have responded with short-term solutions, XtraSafe has been designed for durability and efficiency for long term use. SafeGuard claims XtraSafe is virtually maintenance-free. It does not require an electrical outlet or batteries and it uses a simple, mechanical foot-pump design that works with a gravity-fed reservoir. One-way valves ensure constant pressure to keep sanitizer flowing.

Foot-pedal activation makes the system virtually contactless and touch-free to minimize the transmission of any virus or bacteria. With an unusually high 5.5-liter capacity, in-house testing shows XtraSafe can sanitize 3500 pairs of hands before it needs refilling. XtraSafe units are shipped fully assembled and ready to use.

SafeGuard is offering what it claims to be a unique option for its XtraSafe product — a fully customizable sleeve that allows businesses to present their logo and other graphics on their sanitizer units. With this feature, the company says the XtraSafe does double duty, both as a sanitizer and as a vehicle for sales promotion or brand messaging.

SafeGuard President Brian Scott remarked:

[As] the global pandemic continues to challenge our world, the need for user-friendly, quality sanitizing stations and dispensers will be ongoing. We are committed to helping meet that need.

The SafeGuard Health Solutions is a Waterloo, Ontario-based company.  Its goal is to produce durable, versatile and attractive sanitizing solutions for a wide range of environments. The XtraSafe Hand Sanitizing System is the company’s first product.