With a 1-minute kill claim, this disinfectant is EPA-registered for use against 48 pathogens and pre-qualified for COVID-19

by Brianna Crandall — March 16, 2020 — Safetec of America launched SaniZide Pro 1, the newest addition to the company’s surface disinfectant line, in the fall, and recently announced that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has pre-qualified the new product as effective against the COVID-19 coronavirus under EPA’s emerging viral pathogen designation. Activation of the EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogen Guidance for Antimicrobial Pesticides enables companies holding current EPA registrations under the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) for certain disinfectant products to promote those products “off-label” for use against emerging pathogens like the coronavirus without waiting for the typical test data [see FMLink article].

The new SaniZide Pro 1 is available in a 32 oz. spray, a 150-count canister or individually packaged pre-saturated wipes, all with a 1-minute kill claim. Image courtesy Safetec

SaniZide Pro 1 is a broad-spectrum, EPA-Registered surface disinfectant that combines cleaning and disinfecting in one simple step with its ready-to-use, alcohol-based hospital-grade formula. Designed to be safe for repeated use, SaniZide Pro 1 makes staying compliant more manageable by reducing the risk of cross-contamination with true one-minute kill claims.

SaniZide Pro 1 is said to be effective in killing the COVID-19 coronavirus on hard, non-porous surfaces when the product is used in accordance with the label instructions. Available in a 32 oz. spray, a 150-count canister or individually packaged pre-saturated wipes, all of the above options are EPA-Registered as effective at killing 48 microorganisms such as MRSA, VRE, tuberculosis, trichophyton mentagrophytes (athlete’s foot and ringworm), poliovirus, norovirus and rhinovirus.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other coronaviruses is by washing your hands with soap and water frequently, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and utilizing personal protection equipment (PPE). Safetec’s SaniWash hand soap aids in reducing the risk of cross-contamination while helping meet APIC and OSHA hand-washing recommendations.

Safetec also offers an Instant Hand Sanitizer in Fresh and Citrus scent that is available in a variety of packaging options from bottles to single-use pouches. This hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and contains 66.5% ethyl alcohol to effectively kill widespread germs, says the company.

The company’s EZ-Personal Protection Kit is a pandemic and infection-control product that can be disposed of easily. It is useful for emergency medical vehicles, emergency rooms, clinics, or anywhere personal protective equipment is needed.

For more information about SaniZide Pro 1 and Safetec’s COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) response, see the Safetec website. The US-based company has manufactured infection control, first aid, and compliance products for over 28 years.