Create value from your IoT device data with SkyFoundry’s analytics — improved notifications and dashboards

by Brianna Crandall — April 30, 2021 — SkyFoundry, a leading developer of analytics software for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, equipment and sensor data, has just announced the newest release of its SkySpark Data Analytics Software.

SkyFoundry’s SkySpark Analytics is an open, extensible software platform enabling data from a wide range of sources to be automatically collected, visualized, and analyzed, to identify opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction.

SkyFoundry SkySpark Cards View

A new data visualization feature called the card view makes it easy to create customized dashboards of operational data and performance metrics with both live and static data. Image courtesy SkyFoundry

According to the company, creating value from IoT device data requires four primary functional layers: connecting to data sources, storing data, performing analytics, and presenting results to users. With its new release, SkySpark provides new tools designed to effectively address these layers.

A new data visualization called the card view is one key feature being introduced. Cards are versatile options that make it easy to create customized dashboards of operational data and performance metrics with both live and static data. In addition, cards support creation of HTML reporting.

Other notable enhancements of the release include a suite of new features that streamline the setup of automated notifications, allowing essential information to reach users based on their specific areas of interest or job responsibilities.

These advanced features, as well as myriad other benefits, are included with SkySpark (Build 3.0.28) at no additional cost, and existing systems can be easily updated.

The SkySpark software platform

SkySpark automatically analyzes equipment and smart device data to identify issues, faults and opportunities for improved performance and operational savings. SkySpark Everywhere can run in low-cost, embedded devices as small as a Raspberry Pi Zero, and be deployed on industrial PCs, servers and the cloud. Data collection, analytics processing, visualization and reporting functions are executed locally in each node and results are combined into seamless views for operators using a standard web browser. Secure inter-node communications are achieved with SkyFoundry’s Arcbeam websocket-based protocol.

SkySpark combines full user programmability with an extensive library of built-in functions allowing analytics to be custom-tailored to meet the real-world needs of individual systems in applications of all types. Owners and operators are able to utilize their specialized domain knowledge, in conjunction with the deep expertise of SkyFoundry Solution Partners, to implement data analytics that fit their unique system characteristics and requirements.

More information about SkySpark is available on the SkyFoundry website.