Find out how to reduce toilet backups and clogs with Sloan’s new pressure-assisted toilets

by Brianna Crandall — July 30, 2018 — Sloan, a worldwide manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems in operation since 1906, just added pressure-assisted toilets to its already comprehensive line of water-efficient fixtures.

Paired with Flushmate pressure-assist technology, these toilets are designed to drastically reduce backups or clogs thanks to the Flushmate vessel that pushes waste out of the bowl and into the drain line faster than a gravity flush

These toilets offer flush volumes at 1.0 gallon per flush (gpf), 1.28 gpf and 1.6 gpf in standard and ADA-compliant models, making them an ideal solution for light commercial applications of all types including strip malls, schools, hotels, gas stations, restaurants and more.

Mark Lawinger, Sloan product line manager, Fixtures, stated:

Sloan has been synonymous with pressurized flushing for more than 110 years. With our combined expertise in flushometer and pressure-assisted flushing, as well as vitreous china expertise, Sloan can now better serve the light commercial market than ever before — especially when ultra-low flush volumes are required.

Sloan’s pressure-assisted toilets look and flush like any other tank toilet but deliver flushometer-like performance. By pushing waste out of the bowl at a higher flow rate, Sloan’s pressure-assisted toilets provide up to 50 percent longer drain line carry than gravity toilets, resulting in fewer stoppages. This is becoming increasingly important for installations requiring low flush volumes, notes the company.

Unlike gravity toilets with flush volumes that are susceptible to variation, Sloan’s pressure-assisted toilets cater to sustainable water savings with non-adjustable flush volumes. Other benefits of Sloan pressure-assisted toilets include:

  • Smooth, trouble-free cable flush activation, without flappers, chains or clunky multi-linkage mechanisms found on other toilets
  • A cleaner bowl, thanks to a larger water spot and rim jets with high velocity and pressure that create a better scrub
  • Reliable three-point tank mounting system that prevents the tank from rocking
  • Fewer “double flushes” as the higher pressure clears the drain line on the first flush
  • No condensation due to the insulated tank

Sloan’s new pressure-assisted toilets feature a sleek, modern look and install or retrofit a gravity tank toilet easily, lending themselves as suitable fixtures for both renovation and new construction projects. Additionally, each pressure-assisted bowl is available with exclusive SloanTec hydrophobic glaze, designed to inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria to make the fixture easier to clean.

For more information on Sloan’s pressure-assisted toilet or innovative, water-efficient products, visit the Sloan website.