For all you need to clean, from carpets to toilets to plumbing, these sprayers are made to safely contain and spray all types of chemicals

by Brianna Crandall — October 18, 2019 — Germany-based Solo Kleinmotoren has produced sprayers, mist blowers and two-stroke engines sold around the world since 1948. This extensive knowledge and innovative technology have been transferred to the field of cleaning and disinfecting with the new line of Solo CLEANLine Sprayers.

Solo 301-FA CLEANLine One-Hand Foaming Sprayer

Shown: 301-FA CLEANLine One-Hand Foaming Sprayer,1.25 Liter, (Viton pH 1-7). Image courtesy Solo

Solo CLEANLine Sprayers are equipped with Viton seals for acidic chemical solutions (A models) and EPDM seals for alkaline chemical solutions (B models).  Heavy-duty HDPE tanks, resistant against chemicals and UV-ray impact, are built in the most popular fill capacities ranging from 42 ounces to 4 gallons. The pump systems are sealed to prevent aggressive liquids from causing any mechanical damage, which contributes to a long service life.

For acidic solutions, A-model CLEANLine Sprayers are equipped with Viton seals.  These models are suitable for spraying chemical solutions within the pH scale of 1-7 pH.  They can also be used with solutions containing oil or chlorinated hydrocarbons, bleach solutions, solvents or rust removers. They are utilized for the hygienic cleaning of medical rooms, baths and toilets, swimming pools and saunas, and for cleaning plumbing fittings.

For alkaline solutions, Solo says its B-model sprayers with EPDM seals are the best choice.  Alcohols and bases within the pH scale of 7-14 can be applied using Solo’s CLEANLine sprayers equipped with EPDM seals. Fats, oils and protein residues are stubborn substances in the kitchen and food processing areas that require the application of alkaline cleaning solutions.  These solutions are also used for cleaning glass, for degreasing components in the metal industry, and for carpet spot treatment.  Apart from alkaline cleaning solutions, EPDM is also suited for the application of disinfecting solutions and odor control solutions such as those used in hospitals, schools and in the hospitality industry.

Should the cleaning process demand the use of minimal moisture, resulting in extended dwell time (the amount of time that a disinfecting product needs to sit or dwell on a surface in order to kill organisms), Solo’s foaming sprayers are said to be the professional’s choice.

Tracey Harmon, Solo’s national industrial sales manager, observed:

It would be nice if you could simply “spray and wipe” to properly clean and sanitize surfaces, but some applications require up to 10 minutes or more of dwell time to kill bacteria and germs.

Not allowing for the appropriate dwell time will affect the results, reducing the number of bacteria that are killed. Solo’s CLEANLine features four foam applicators that are fitted with seals made from different materials: Viton for acidic chemical solutions in the models 301-FA and 309-FA and EPDM for alkaline chemical solutions in the models 301-FB and 309-FB.

In true Solo tradition, the company’s most recent innovation is the patented foam-adjustment device, “varioFOAM.” This feature allows the operator to change the foam consistency with an easy-to use adjustment dial from a drier, dense foam that clings to vertical surfaces to a gel-like foam with higher moisture content. All CLEANLine foaming sprayers are fitted with a special flat spray nozzle that ensures a fast and even foam application.

Proper disinfection and sanitation are necessary to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), reminds the company.  Solo CLEANLine Sprayers provide a comprehensive and multipurpose product range with the traditional Solo quality professionals have come to expect.

To learn more about Solo CLEANLine Sprayers, visit the company’s US website.