Set up meetings and classes in any configuration with these nesting flip-top training tables

by Brianna Crandall — August 5, 2020 — SurfaceWorks, a US-based manufacturer of innovative tables used around the world, recently introduced a series of flip-top training tables designed to produce creative, flexible configurations for meetings, classrooms and other collaborative environments.

SurfaceWorks Dax training tables, nested

The sleek leg design allows tables to nest tightly straight-on with a mere 4″ density, while the top flips easily with left and right release mechanisms. Image courtesy SurfaceWorks

Designed by Eiji Kano, Dax training tables are made to move effortlessly. Ultra-light aluminum legs and “silky-smooth” casters allow Dax tables to glide effortlessly into whatever configuration meeting goers or educators can dream up, says the company.

With Dax’s unique top shapes, creative and flexible table configurations are vast. Choose from six tabletop shapes including, rectangle, concave rectangle, trapezoid, rounded trapezoid, half-squircle, or a 30-degree arc. For any meeting, classroom, or collaborative environment, Dax enables the user to find an arrangement that works for them.

SurfaceWorks Dax training tables

With six tabletop shapes, casters, and power options, Dax nesting flip-top training tables can adapt configurations for meetings, classes and collaborations. Image courtesy SurfaceWorks

The base finish features a polished aluminum lower leg and a powder-coated metallic silver upper leg. The sleek leg design allows tables to nest straight-on while the top flips easily with left and right release mechanisms allowing the tables to be nested and stored when not in use. Multiples tightly nest together with a mere four-inch density. The optional wire mesh modesty panels swing clear when nesting.

Dax also offers options for power and technology. Choose the power unit of your choice and the optional Slim Wire Raceway for effortless wire management. Additional table support maximizes table rigidity allowing the tables to be arranged — and rearranged — as many times as needed.

SurfaceWorks cutting-edge solutions include unique base designs, impact-resistant urethane edges, and “infinite” material and color combinations.

However you want people to sit, talk, or collaborate, do it with Dax, says the company. For more information, visit the SurfaceWorks website.

SurfaceWorks manufactures innovative table solutions for the education, hospitality, healthcare, government and corporate markets. The family-owned company is headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and has independent sales representatives in the US, Canada, Central America, South America, the Middle East and the Caribbean.