Teknion’s sleek multi-use wood chair offers easy assembly and stacks six high

by Brianna Crandall — September 3, 2021 — Innovative workplace furnishings manufacturer Teknion recently introduced the TAKT Cross Chair to commercial and consumer markets in North America. Designed by PearsonLloyd with respect for Danish design tradition, this multi-use wood chair blends practicality, simplicity and elegance

The TAKT Cross Chair design is guided by quality craftsmanship, practical construction and sustainability, which make it a timeless addition to a broad range of interiors, both commercial and residential. Designed by PearsonLloyd, TAKT Cross Chair presents pleasing details with clean lines designed to look good from any angle. Its name comes from its cross construction, which is the essence of the chair, providing structure. Light and agile, its form enables up to six chairs to be stacked together.

TAKT Cross Chair multi-use chair

The agile TAKT Cross Chair multi-use chair can be stacked six high; finishes include Light Oak and Black. Image courtesy Teknion

Teknion incorporates the chair into its manufacturing process and distribution channels for North American markets through a partnership with the Danish furniture company TAKT A/S. The TAKT Cross Chair is offered as part of Teknion’s Routes Collection, a toolbox of boldly conceived products, also designed by PearsonLloyd, that depart from conventional contract furniture.

Neil Jones, vice president and general manager, Teknion Seating, remarked:

TAKT A/S and Teknion have a legacy of incorporating and preserving craft in our manufacturing process, guided by sustainable principles. Bringing the TAKT Cross Chair into our offering is a natural fit.

Martin Qvist Lorensen, CSO and co-founder, TAKT A/S, commented:

We’re pleased to be partnering with Teknion, a company that shares our passion for innovative furniture design that is circular and sustainable.

The TAKT Cross Chair is made using FSC-certified wood. The frame is made from solid oak and molded veneer, a durable material with a natural weight that lends authority to the design. The surface is treated with natural oils and water-based lacquer. It is designed to be shipped knocked down in flat packs with easy on-site assembly and disassembly. Factory assembly is optional.

Finish options include Light Oak or Black. The seat is constructed of solid oak, with an optional upholstered cushion available in a comprehensive range of textiles.

Consumers can purchase the TAKT Cross Chair directly for their home or home office through Teknon’s online Store.

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