This highly functional yet casual and bold furniture collection can energize fluid workspaces

by Brianna Crandall — June 14, 2021 — Teknion Corporation, an international designer and manufacturer of innovative workplace interiors used around the world, recently announced the launch of Routes, a collection of work tools driven by the concept, “What do we need, really need, to work efficiently and well?”

Teknion Routes office furniture collection

The Routes furniture collection comprises bold, highly functional desks, tables, chairs, soft seating, screens and accessories designed to be easy to understand, assemble, and use. Image courtesy Teknion

Designed in partnership with UK design firm PearsonLloyd, the furniture collection is made up of desks, tables, chairs, soft seating, screens and accessories, given fresh yet familiar forms that are designed to be easy to understand, assemble, and use. Routes readily adapts to spaces big and small, to the requirements of an established enterprise and to the needs of those who work at home, says the Canada-based company.

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“Simplicity is inherent in the product. You know intuitively how to use it,” said Luke Pearson, designer at PearsonLloyd.

“Routes is quite lighthearted, quite enjoyable to use as a collection,” added Tom Lloyd, designer at PearsonLloyd.

The collection speaks to a growing market of today’s enterprises that require user flexibility to transform a space quickly. The simplicity of the design and the easy specification also allows one to build up a complete workspace for a small, tight-knit studio or create casual “pop-up” work hubs across the expanse of a corporate headquarters.

Routes includes a selection of seating, tables, storage, and privacy products with casual, playful design elements drawn from makerspace influences. The products have a utility character. Big tubular steel curves and materiality provide a strong personality that gives unity to the collection.

“Visually, Routes is bold enough so that as you pepper a landscape with various pieces, you recognize that it’s a bit different,” continued Luke Pearson.

“Routes is perfect for creating new collaboration destinations and environments that feel welcoming and energizing as workers return to offices,” stated Steve Delfino, vice president, Corporate Marketing and Product Management at Teknion.

Routes provides a balanced portfolio of high-performance work tools, says Teknion. The elements needed to work are all there, executed in a distinct way with bold, playful, purposeful cues designed to change how work is experienced. A Mobile Soft Screen, Multi-Use Stool, and Adjustable Side Table fulfill the intention to provide furniture that is agile and intuitive:

  • The Adjustable Side Table has a handle intentionally reminiscent of a bicycle seat adjustment.
  • The Multi-Use Stool — inspired by stackable buckets — is designed to be very efficient, and features wheels — very handy in fluid workplace settings.
  • The tubular steel curves on Routes Desks and Tables provide a fresh, distinct character.
  • Soft Seating products also echo that design language and provide options for casual, comfortable gathering spots.

Routes also adds an expressive element through vivid accent colors, Blue Sage and Signal Red. All Routes products are available in a curated, designer-selected finish palette.

To learn more about Routes, visit the Teknion website.

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