NeoCon 2019: This beautiful green wall not only connects workers to nature, it’s an effective air purifier, humidifier and space divider

by Brianna Crandall — July 3, 2019 — Teknion Corporation, an international designer and manufacturer of innovative workplace interiors, introduced several new products at this month’s NeoCon 2019 contract furnishings show, some of which won prestigious Best of NeoCon awards at the event. Gold winner Tek Vue and Innovation award winner Bene Box were covered in previous FMLink articles, as were the new Just-Us Chair, Teknion Reception and C+D Conference Table. The joint-venture Naava Healthtech Green Wall is highlighted below.

Naava Healthtech Green Wall

As part of a new venture with Finnish health technology company Naava, Teknion showed the Naava Healthtech Green Wall in its Chicago showroom during NeoCon.

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The Naava Healthtech Green Wall comes in a freestanding version, a wall-mounted slimmer version, and a mobile one with plants on both sides. Image courtesy Teknion

Kati Suomi, vice president, Sales Partnerships at Naava, commented:

We are very excited about this alliance with Teknion, an internationally acclaimed contract furniture manufacturer with a focus on sustainability in workplace design. This new venture is a perfect match with our company values. Through Teknion’s wide dealer network, we will be able to help bring the health benefits of nature with Naava to even more offices in North America.

Steve Delfino, vice president, Corporate Marketing and Product Management at Teknion, remarked:

Our new business venture with Naava enables us to reconnect office workers with nature, creating healthier, happier and more inspiring workplaces, by bringing them in contact with nature every day. Naava Healthtech Green Wall is scientifically proven to naturalize indoor air, [reduce] harmful chemicals and [optimize] humidity. The wall’s benefits are in line with Teknion’s studies on biophilia and can contribute to WELL certification.

Three versions of the Naava Green Wall are available:

  • Naava One is appropriate for open offices, conference rooms, personal workspaces, and spaces to relax and create in. A freestanding and mobile piece of furniture, it can be used as a room divider in open spaces. The standard size of 100cm wide x 210cm high x 35cm deep (39 x 83 x 14 inches) enables air purification of up to 60m2 (645 sq. ft.). Other sizes are available by special order.
  • Naava One Slim is a wall-mounted 21cm deep (8 inches) version of Naava One. Streamlined design enables it to be placed in narrower spaces, making it ideal for conference rooms and busy spaces, such as cafés. Nava One Slim purifies up to 60m2 (645 sq. ft.) of air.
  • Naava Duo’s double-sided design doubles the health-enhancing benefits of bringing nature indoors. When serving as a room divider, its lush greenery reduces noise, improving the acoustics of the space. Naava Duo purifies the air in a space up to 60m2 (645 sq. ft.) with its 100cm wide x 210cm high x 50cm deep (39 x 83 x 20 inches) dimensions. Other sizes are available by special order.

Naava Healthtech Green Wall plant species are attractive, resilient and allergy-friendly. They are planted in a soil-less, porous growth medium with special pots to enhance air circulation. The medium activates the microbes of the plants’ root system, enabling air purification efficiency. Combined, these innovations create a biofilter that naturally purifies air.

Fans return the air back into the room. Sensors in the wall measure the variables of Naava and its surroundings. Naava’s artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes and directs functions automatically. The remote system transmits information (e.g., from weather satellites to prepare for environment changes) to the wall in real time. Automated watering and airflow adjustments are made automatically.

In addition to the products listed above, Teknion showcased the Emote Private Office designed by Mario Ruiz, Wilkhahn AT Task Chair, Wilkhahn Occo Multi-Purpose Seating, Sprout Stool and Table Collection designed by Thomas Pedersen, and Laru Wood Guest Chair by Studio Tolvanen at the NeoCon show.

For more FM-specific information on Teknion’s product offerings, see the company’s FMLink page.