Add fast-response fire protection to your warehouse or storage with these Tyco sprinklers

by Brianna Crandall — November 17, 2021 — Johnson Controls, a global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings and architect of OpenBlue connected solutions, is releasing two new Tyco early-suppression, fast-response (ESFR) Rapid Install Sprinklers (RIS) for protection of warehouse and storage facilities. The Model ESFR-22 and Model ESFR-25 pendent sprinklers, and their accompanying custom-welded outlet fitting, simplify installation for fire protection contractors by featuring pre-installed rubber gaskets and a thread connection that can be installed by hand with no need for tools, tape or sealant.

Tyco Rapid Install Sprinklers for fire protection

Tyco Rapid Install Sprinklers are suitable for ceiling-only fire protection of warehouses and storage facilities containing various materials. Image courtesy Tyco

Chris Holland, general manager, Advanco Fire Protection, remarked:

We saw significant cost savings using the ESFR-25 RIS in a small portion of our install. Quantify that across a larger project, and the savings will multiply exponentially.

The ESFR-22 RIS (22.4 K-factor) and ESFR-25 RIS (25.2 K-factor) both provide warehouse design flexibility by eliminating the use of in-rack sprinklers when protecting high-piled storage. The ESFR-22 RIS and ESFR-25 RIS are cULus Listed and FM Approved for specific applications with a maximum storage height of 43-feet (13,1 m) and a maximum ceiling height of 48-feet (14,6 m), without the requirement for in-rack sprinklers. Both sprinklers permit the use of a maximum deflector-to-ceiling distance of 18 inches (460 mm), compared to 14 inches (356 mm) distance for ESFR sprinklers with K-factors of 14.0 and 16.8.

Don Ricca, global product director, Johnson Controls, stated:

These new ESFR Rapid Install Sprinklers give system designers sprinkler placement options not currently available with traditional ESFR sprinklers with lower K-factors. These sprinklers are designed to operate at substantially lower-end head pressures, which offers flexibility for contractors when sizing system piping, as well as possibly reducing or eliminating the need for a system pump.

Tyco ESFR Rapid Install Sprinklers can be ideal for ceiling-only sprinkler protection of warehouses and storage facilities containing cartoned and unexpanded plastics, exposed and expanded plastics (in accordance with NFPA 13 and FM Global standards), and some storage arrangements of rubber tires, roll paper, flammable liquids, aerosols and automotive components.

To learn more about protecting your warehouse or storage operation with Tyco ESFR Rapid Install Sprinklers, visit the Tyco website.