Replace fluorescent strip fixtures with this LED retrofit kit — with built-in Bluetooth controls

by Brianna Crandall — March 3, 2021 — Universal Lighting Technologies, a global lighting provider and a member of the Panasonic Group, recently announced the launch of its LRAxC LED Strip Fixture Retrofit Kit with Bluetooth Controls. The product comes as a natural addition to the expanding fixture control ecosystem options offered by Universal.

Universal Lighting Technologies LRAxC LED Strip Fixture Retrofit Kit with Bluetooth Controls

The LRAxC LED Strip Fixture Retrofit Kit replaces 4-foot or 8-foot fluorescent strip fixtures with LEDs, with app-based Bluetooth wireless control. Image courtesy Universal

Designed with flexibility in mind, the LED Strip Retrofit Kit is used for replacing 4-foot or 8-foot fluorescent strip fixtures with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), including a Bluetooth Controller. The controller receives dimming and on/off commands. The LRAxC utilizes a simple Bluetooth Ecosystem for app-based wireless control.

Greg Bennorth, product director for LED at Universal Lighting Technologies, stated:

We remain focused on growing our integrated lighting solutions and expanding our line of retrofit solutions, especially when it includes new ways to utilize Bluetooth controls. This retrofit kit is part of a number of new integrated lighting solutions with intelligent components. Beyond simplifying LED upgrades, the Bluetooth controls allow users to unlock the potential for location-based services. Our solution gives you the flexibility to enable IoT wireless capabilities now or when you choose, because it is already part of your retrofitted luminaire.

The Bluetooth Controller is factory-mounted to the light bar, while the aux power and dimming control leads are pre-wired to the driver. Utilizing a simple commissioning app, the installer can zone and group fixtures within a room and add room controls, photo sensors and occupancy sensors.

Installers can pick from two installation approaches for flexibility. To simplify the process, this cutting-edge, connected lighting solution can be mounted with existing lamp holder brackets like the current LED Strip Retrofit Assembly (LRA) or utilize flexible mounting with bendable brackets that easily wrap around the fixture body and screw into place, says the company.

The LRAxC LED Strip Fixture Retrofit Kit with wireless Bluetooth control can be ideal for a variety of applications needing an efficient, easy retrofit solution, including educational buildings, industrial spaces, offices and retail locations. This product is Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1 compliant, DesignLights Consortium qualified, RoHS compliant, UL Classified, and features a five-year warranty.

Universal Lighting Technologies designs, manufactures and markets end-to-end lighting solutions. As part of the Panasonic family, Universal offers over 70 years of quality, supply chain security, cost-effective reliability and product performance. The company’s North American-manufactured solutions enable users with LED upgrades, connected lighting controls, and Internet of Things (IoT) digital services integration.