Know exactly where in your building a video surveillance camera IDs an issue so you can get to the problem area faster

by Brianna Crandall — March 11, 2020 — Vicon Industries, a designer and manufacturer of video surveillance and access control software, hardware and components, recently announced the availability of Valerus version 20, which adds features designed to expand its overall capabilities while maintaining its core value as an easy-to-use video management system (VMS). This latest release offers features that include interactive mapping, an event query engine and bookmarking functionality.

The Valerus version 20 video management system (VMS) offers powerful features like interactive mapping, bookmarking and historical event search. Image courtesy Vicon

Valerus’ new interactive mapping feature provides the ability to create detailed maps from PNG or JPEG image files. Users can then overlay resource icons on to these maps, with the flexibility to control the location and view of the resource; for added ease of functionality, maps can be linked to other maps. The mapping functionality presents a wealth of information in a very efficient and understandable manner and can be extremely useful for local law enforcement and security teams.

The addition of a dedicated events database provides the ability to store all events that occur in Valerus, including both internal and external events, allowing the user to look back historically. This offers a new search capability, where users can create queries based on parameters such as motion detection, digital input, external events and analytics services. The event search feature enhances the way users interact with systems and can dramatically improve event response times and help make event issues more actionable.

Another new feature available in version 20 is bookmarking, which adds the ability for the user to create a bookmark related to a specific video feed and allows entering notes so users can easily share information. The bookmark is accessible on the playback video and will be stored in the events database, so it can be queried. Bookmarking helps keep track of noteworthy events while users are building a case or trying to gain a better understanding of concerning incidents.

In keeping with the Valerus commitment to deliver “advanced simplicity,” Valerus 20 has enhanced many user functions for ease-of-use. There is now the ability to enforce a complex password for increased security. The numeric identity (ID) of a device can now be edited directly on its resource properties page as well the dedicated numeric ID page. The Excel report shows added information, including the MAC address, numeric ID and Gateway server, to better serve the user. There is a dynamic link from an error on the dashboard directly to that resource’s configuration page. An advanced log report was added to aid in troubleshooting any problems that might arise.

To encourage users to take advantage of this new release introduction, Vicon has launched two promotional campaigns. The offers are targeted at new VMS installs and VMS replacement projects, offering free licenses for Valerus 20; the company says now is the time to experience the advanced simplicity of Valerus.

Click here to learn more about Valerus Version 20. Vicon provides mission-critical surveillance systems engineered not just for performance and features, but for simplicity in deployment, operation and maintenance. Vicon’s future-proof systems are used around the world in every type of industry.